Sunday, June 8, 2014


I gots one.  When I got to the salon (a little early) for my 9 AM haircut, the receptionist told me (very apologetically) that Jenny P, the stylist I was scheduled to see, had just called in sick, throwing up with the flu, unable to leave her bathroom, so did I want to reschedule or Francis could take me at 10 AM.  I thought about it for a minute and opted for Francis at 10 AM.  I killed an hour reading my Kindle in the shade outside then I went back for the style-ing.  I told him right up front that I can only comb, brush, and wash my hair; that I can't style my hair, and that I detest having hair in my face so no bangs, please.  He floofed my hair around, talking about his ideas, some of which I liked, others I vetoed.  Then he started cutting, not lots, just some.  Once he had it where he liked it he raked some mousse (I need to buy some) through my hair and started with a hairdryer and a round brush (need to buy one of those too) to style it.  When he was done I had a pageboy!  A real hairdo, just like a grownup.  I like it.  He left the front long enough to tuck behind my ears and it's just long enough for a tiny ponytail when I'm working outside or in yoga class.  I figure even if I don't do all the rolling and stretching stuff with the hairdryer I can use the round brush to turn the ends under and it'll look okay.  There are places where I have a little curl so that doesn't want to lay down nice like the rest of it but I figure baby steps, plus I am so not a "perfect hair" kind of person, that should be evident to all who know me or even see me in passing.

I finally knit my way through the darkdarkdark brown start of the Oriole Wings Wrap (not that I've been monogamous on that project, not by any stretch of the imagination) yesterday so I got to add in the oriole colored yarn for the wide stripes.  Isn't it beautiful?  Striking?  It's so pretty it makes me knit faster to see more of it stacking up in rows.  This is skinny yarn on small-ish needles, not my usual choice of project, yarn, or needles, but I think I like it.

In other yarn news, I so enjoyed working with the Dalegarn Svale silk and viscose yarn that I made LC's pacifier clips only to find that it's discontinued.  Drat.  So I trolled Ravelry to see if anyone had a skein or two of colors that I don't have, even partial ones, that they were willing to sell.  I found someone having dark blue, light blue, and purple and someone else with a bright yellow one.  I contacted them, they answered back, I paid by Paypal (I love them, so secure) and the first package came yesterday.  I got all three of these for four bucks including shipping.  Yes, INCLUDING shipping.  Thanks, evbook.

June 8--Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, The River.  I lie on the bed, the riverbed, small stones pave the bottom.  The water tugs on my hair as it flows along.  It doesn't pull hard, not hard enough to dislodge me from my rest but I feel the movement as a long caress.  The sunlight filters through the trees on the riverbank and it bends toward me to fall in golden coins of light that glimmer all around me.  Silver fish dart like arrows in and out of the shadows, under the cutbanks, behind fallen logs.  Small fry hide from bigger fish, turtles sun themselves on a log over my river, dropping in with a plop when they're startled by a crow.

Last week I forgot to show you the beautiful seashells Lala brought me from the seashore in Ireland.  I love them, the scallops shells are nearly flat, I've never seen them like that, and that other one looks like a jackknife handle.  Thanks for the shells, Lala.  Now it's time to flop the wash around, then go get lawnmower gas so I can mow de lawn on this beautiful, sunny day.

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Aunt B said...

What a treat to see your smiling face -- with the very fetching hairstyle! You look wonderful!