Thursday, June 26, 2014

Today's My Friday

Woohoo!  And the sun is shining.  Double woohoo!!

I went to the City Band concert last night.  It was good but chilly.  I love sitting there in a pretty little park with kids playing on the playground in one corner, neighborhood boosters handing out free popcorn and selling a bit of candy in the shelter, little kids pedaling their bikes up and around the walks, and most of the rest of the park covered with people on benches or lawn chairs listening to an okay city band mostly play songs you recognize.  It's like sitting in a Norman Rockwell illustration.

I was busy-ish at work yesterday but finished Toasty Feets slipper #1 (I think I have enough to squeak out another one if I fudge it a little) and I cast on Packers (with a hint of Vikings) Bib II.  I got the neck done at the concert and started on the bib part.  It's good mindless knitting for concerts and TV, etc.

June 26--Lewis Hine, Addie Card, 12 years.  Grace found the old black and white photograph under the wardrobe in the back bedroom.  "Addie, age 12" was written on the back in ink that had faded to greenish brown.  Grace didn't know who the little girl was or why her picture was in Mama's room.

There might have been more to that story if I could have kept my eyes open but sitting for an hour in the cool evening air put me right to sleep.  Savor today.

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Aunt B said...

Those old black and white snapshots are such a mystery -- "Once upon a time" people. I have so many of those. Glad you got to go to your concert. It did sound like a Norman Rockwell time!