Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It Looks Like Rain

Or is it just going to be one of those unsatisfying overcast days?  Probably the latter.  Should I water the garden?  Should I wait until tomorrow?  I think I'll wait since I watered it on Monday and that's only 2 days ago and it hasn't been overly sunny since then.  Decisions, decisions.

Durwood brought me a bouquet when he came home from the grocery yesterday "just because you're you."  It's a gorgeous mix of red and purple and all sorts of flowers.  I love it.  Thanks, dear.  Then he made Baked Ziti from The Pioneer Woman for supper.  OMG, so good and cheesy (needed a tiny bit more sauce) but it was delish, and will be again for supper tonight.  Yay!

I realized a few days ago that I need to clean my house.  I mean CLEAN it, like, wash windows and wipe down walls and crawl around with the vacuum hose poking it in all the crannies.  I think this is a variant of the "scrape out everything and start over" that hits me a couple times a year.  I always tell Durwood that I'd put him in the backyard with my writing things, sewing things, knitting things, and electronic things because what I really threaten to do is scrape it all into the front yard, go away for a day (or a weekend if I'm feeling particularly tired of all this crap), then evaluate what's left to see if it gets to come back in.  I'd let him back in (flowers and ziti definitely earns him another go-round) because I'm used to him, also I love him, he makes me laugh--and shake my head, but mostly laugh.

LC got to visit for a while yesterday and, oh my, she is a lovely bundle to hold.  I didn't realize how much I missed having a little warm body to cradle and rock until she came around.  She gets to have some sweet potatoes now and she's a big fan.  She tried out the finished Packer (with a hint of Vikings) Bib and it's a little narrow.  I'm thinking I can crochet a bit on each long edge to widen it up a bit and then make the next (Fixation yarn) one a bit bigger all around, more neckhole stitches too.  Turns out Fixation yarn isn't worsted weight like I thought it was.  Oops.  I need to find some more baby toys.  Shopping!

June 11--Charles B. Falls, Americana Print: Pegs.  The nails fell out of the sky onto the sidewalk.  Jane figured that they had come from some nearby construction site but when she looked up she didn't see any girders or cranes.  None of the buildings were the kind with windows that opened, they were all slick, soulless steel and glass.  The nails had come down with real velocity and all the ones near her had been point down.  Across the street a woman sat on the curb crying with a nail stuck in her shoulder.  "Take it out," she cried but when a man reached for it she shied away crying, "Don't take it out."  Make up your mind, Jane thought, but then she remembered her first aid training and thought of shock.  She started across to try to help and bumped into a man with nails sticking out of his bald scalp, his staring eyes not seeing her.

We seem to have a bumper crop of chipmunks this year, they're everywhere--scampering through the grass, over the patio, and digging in my pots.  They've already gnawed up a petunia.  I need to find some chippie repellent and, no, don't tell me to shoot them, I live in the city and it might be against the law shooting varmints in town.  A few chipmunks are cute, too many are a nuisance.  I'll think on it. Hasta la vista, babies.

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Aunt B said...

He is definitely a keeper. Bouquet and baked ziti!!! What's not to love. Sounds like he's a fan of The Pioneer Woman. Me too. Try her vegetable lasagna rolls. Delish. I'm dining on what was left over from when I made it. It freezes well so dinner for me when Paul's out of town.