Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Am A Fruit-aholic

When I see fruit in the store I buy it.  I try to buy it when it's on sale and in season but most often I see it and I buy it.  I do eat it too so I'm not a fruit hoarder, and I share the peels and rinds and ends with the chickens across town so I utilize every part of the fruit.  Very green, that's me.  I bought 3# of Bing cherries when I stopped to pick up an Rx, Durwood loves them.  Aldi has strawberries (not local, but also not $5/quart) and blueberries (also not local but adequate) on sale this week and, well, I had to have a pineapple which was $2.29, a whole dollar less than at other places so I'm judging that sale-ish, at least that was my excuse for putting one in my bag, plus I had given a young woman a quarter to ransom a cart so I figure my good deed earned me a pineapple.  (Fuzzy logic, I know, but it works for me.  My lunches will be richer and fruitier for it.)

Another rose bud blossomed.  It's lurking behind a leaf but I saw it and snapped.  The red orange Asiatic lily buds opened.  Still none of the big, sweet smelling stargazers yet but I'm keeping an eye on them.  It was very smart to wait until around 6 PM to mow the lawn.  Most of the yard was in shade and there was a breeze so I didn't die from heat prostration.  Gatorade helped.  That stuff is amazing.  (It's better if you don't think of how it was developed because it's basically synthetic college football player sweat.  Yum.)

In knitting news, I worked on my Oriole Wings Wrap at Friday Night Knitting and got another stripe done and another one started, and yesterday while I waited for it to cool off so I didn't kill myself mowing I added a few inches onto Packers (with a hint of Vikings) Bib II.  I'm terribly tempted to get a pair of needles out so I can cast on a dishcloth patten with that cotton/linen yarn I got last week but so far I've resisted.  I'd like to get the bib done before starting the next project.  I'll focus on that today and tomorrow at work, maybe I can finish the remaining 3-4 inches of bib.  If it rains like it looks like it's going to, I might get it done sooner.  Speaking of rain, I woke up to find raindrops on the west-facing window over my head.  Right after I washed it too.  My first instinct was to go grab a paper towel and dry it off but I resisted.  That would have been silly.

I didn't/couldn't write last night.  I tried, really I did, but no words came, so I closed my notebook, turned out the light and went to sleep.  Can't win 'em all.

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Aunt B said...

I saw a video of a way to clean strawberries -- push a straw through from the bottom and the top pops right off! At least it did in the video! Of course, you still have to slice them -- and all your fruit looks delicious.