Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'll Have Thirty More Days Like This, Thanks

It's absolutely gorgeous out there, sunny and cool, that I'll have two more months of days like this, a few hot ones in August, and then it can get right back to this lovely kind of day and stay like this for at least another 2 months.  Thank you.

Last night the sunset was particularly pink, or maybe I just noticed it last night.  Naturally the sun's shifted to the north (or is it the Earth that's shifted to the south?) anyway it was setting behind the neighbors' houses and a business but it was pretty and pink nevertheless.  Naturally my camera added light and softened the colors so imagine it darker with brighter pink.  Sheesh.  One of these days I'll figure this stuff out.

I took a new picture of LC.  I can't leave these feet alone, I kiss them a lot, when she's not waving them around and taking socks off of them.  She's five months old now and thinks she's a big girl.  She leans forward when you're holding her like she's going somewhere, forgetting that she can't walk or even crawl yet, but she can get her toes to her mouth, so that's something.

June 10--Horace Pippin, Self-Portrait.  Dignity was writ large on the quiet brown face.  His suit would have fit him twenty years earlier before life had whittled him down to a nub.  He held his dark fedora in his lap, his left thumb worrying a frayed spot on the hat band.  "I only need to see Mr. Grayson," he said when he appeared before my desk.  When I explained that Mr. Grayson was out and I didn't know when to expect him, he said, "I'll wait."  He settled himself on the leather chair near the door and put his hat on his lap.  I watched patience settle into the lines of his face and felt some of his peacefulness spread through the room.  "Can I get you a cup of coffee, Mr. uh..."  "Mr. Mattingly, Evert Mattingly," he said with a smile and a nod, "don't mind if I do."  I never offered to carry in coffee for Mr. Grayson, to do so would have tipped the balance of power in the office too much in his favor but I knew that this man's power would never seek to crush another person, and he did have power, old and tired as he was.

Time to see about accomplishing something today.  Maybe I'll take a stroll to the bank to cash my paycheck.

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Aunt B said...

Yes, all parts of that darling girl are kiss-worthy -- especially those adorable little tootsies!!! Do not disparage any photo you post. They all look amazing to me and far, far better than some I've attempted. So glad you're having some nice weather.