Monday, June 16, 2014

A Quick Post

I'm getting kind of a slow start today, didn't fall asleep so easily last night so the alarm(s) were way too early and I'm just not waking up.  I was happy to see a blast of yellow when I went out for the paper this morning.  A few lilies survived the winter, thank heavens.

I got everything watered yesterday--garden, flower pots (front and back), and the neglected plants on the side of the house.  And I wound the hose back into its holder.  Big accomplishment for the day.

My only other activities were playing computer games (while dozing sitting here after breakfast) and doing a bit of knitting.  I was running out of yarn for the bib I'm knitting, went to Michaels only to discover the darned stuff's discontinued and not replaced with anything else.  So I'm making do with adequately coordinating cotton from the stash.  The best part about the trip to the store was seeing a young family shopping for crafty stuff and the littlest boy (about 3 yrs. old) looking at me through his novelty glasses and saying, "I a monster!"  I told him he was very scary and he capered off trailing his big sister looking very pleased.

I didn't write last night, it was late and I was distracted.  I hate those nights when your brain goes on a tear that you can't divert or shut up.  Survive your day, I'm going to do my best.  On a brighter note, it's payday!

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Aunt B said...

Yay for payday!! No matter what day of the week -- that's a good day!!