Saturday, June 28, 2014

Clean Windows Are Amazing

I actually bestirred myself to wash all the windows, inside and out, yesterday and they look amazing.  It was brilliant to remember that a cloudy day needs to be window washing day (or at least wash them when they're on the shady side of the house) because I only had to go back once, okay twice, but nothing like the double job if I do it in the sunshine.  I know it looks like I took a picture of the backyard but I really took a picture of how clear the glass is.

Durwood came into the room just as I snapped the photo and said, "Did you get it?"  "Get what?"  "The hummingbird that was on the feeder.  Wasn't that what you were taking a picture of?"  "Nope," I told him, "I was taking a picture of the clean patio doors."  But when I slotted the SD card into the laptop just now I made a copy of the clear glass picture, cropped it, cropped it, and there it is.  A hummingbird.  Not in sharp focus but there's that iridescent little green body sipping away at the birdie juice.

Nothing new is blooming yet, but the lilies out front are getting ready.  Pretty soon.

June 28--Egypt, Macedonian and Ptolemaic Period, Gazelle-Head Earring.  The red glint of carnelian made the gold look that much golder and the carving of the gazelle's head looked so sweet.  Peter chose it from all the other antiquities for Claire's birthday gift.  He tucked it into a little sandalwood box from the same dusty little shop in the bazaar.  It had been Claire's dream to see Egypt but she had broken her leg the day before they were to leave for Cairo.  She insisted that he still go.  "You be my eyes and ears," she had said with tears in her eyes after learning that they couldn't get a refund.  The night before he left she had given him a guidebook bristling with neon orange Post-Its.  "I know you won't be able to see it all but... well, do your best."  He was lonely without her but he'd make the best of it, and keep a daily journal for her to read.

The lawn needs mowing,  It's blazing sunshine, hot and humid.  I think I'll do my errands and make a sympathy call (never fun but necessary), and then mow when the sun's going down, sunk behind the neighbor's big maple tree so most of our yard's shaded.  I'm pretty crafty.  Enjoy your Saturday.  Maybe I'll get my nails done today too.  They need it.

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Aunt B said...

Good job in the window washing department. It's so gratifying to see that clear, clear glass. We have to take our triumphs where we find them!