Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Looking Tidy & Clean Again

It snowed Monday night so all of the dirty, melty snow and the bare ground is covered again.  As much as I don't like having to go out of a morning to shovel or snowblow, I do like having things look all white and pretty, especially the way they do today with the sun shining merrily away.  Of course we all know that I'm a much happier camper when the sun shines even if it's colder than cold because the blanket of clouds isn't there to hold in what little heat we get in the winter.  I like the thick topping of fresh snow on the birdfeeders, looks like icing on a cake.

I searched on Ravelry (the website for fiber lovers) to find a pattern for a wedge-shaped slice of cheese but all I found was a knitted wedge that was 3-D, not what I wanted.  So I broadened my search and looked for a Christmas tree ornament that was shaped like a kindergartner had drawn it, and I found one.  So I followed the directions, didn't make a tree trunk on the bottom and, voila!, I had a wedge of cheese.  I'm trying to be diligent about knitting on the first long Sudoku strip so whenever I sit on the couch I add a few rows, nothing to see yet but I wanted to be sure you knew that I'm working on it.

February 1--Detail of a Scene from one of the Legends of Krishna.  Lia heard the wine sloshing in the clay decanter as Alfred carried it across the marble floor.  She felt the wine coursing through her, spreading its warmth and fogging her thoughts.  No more for me, she thought, but it tasted so good and she was thirsty from dancing.  Maybe just a little more.

Meh.  Not an inspiring picture the other night.  I meant to get this written earlier, before coming to work, but I got tangled up trying to figure out a way to get our cable bill lowered and then there've been customers at work all day with tanks to fill and regulators that need to be entered for service.  Again I ask, having to work at work, what's the world coming to?

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Aunt B said...

The snow on the bird feeder does look so pretty. Hard to imagine all that up there when it's been so mild in our world.