Monday, February 13, 2017

Moon in the Morning

I looked out the window when I got up this morning to see the newly waning moon still meandering toward the west.  Looked to me like the maple tree was trying to snag it to keep it around for the day but it got away.


Last night I decided that the play kitchen needs some more food, like lunch meat, so I whipped up a slice of ham with some variegated brown for the rind.  Then this morning I made one strand of spaghetti (I'll make more) and a meatball using the same variegated brown.  More meatballs are forthcoming too, as is a slice of chicken or turkey deli meat.  I get the feeling that I've unleashed a food-crocheting monster--me.


Over the last couple evenings I've also added a few inches--okay, seven--to the long Sudoku strip.  It's knitting and it's easier on my wrists than crocheting.

February 13--Utagawa Hiroshige, Evening Snow at Asakasa.  Lorelei stood under the awning over the doorway of the closed shop.  Behind her the lights clicked off as the owner went into the back room.  It had started snowing while she shopped and the sidewalk was covered with an inch of snow.  Naturally she had on shoes that weren't meant for walking in snow.  What an idiot, she thought, no one in their right mind wears leather-soled open-toed shoes in February unless they live in Florida or California.  But it had been sunny and dry that morning so she had chanced it.  And gotten caught by a sudden snowfall.  The door behind her was unlocked and a male voice said, "Did you forget something?"

I met a friend at Sammy's for lunch today only to see two of Mom's old (and I really mean old) bridge playing buddies there with a whole herd of other old lady bridge players.  It was nice to say hi to them and to the original owner of Sammy's whose kids went to high school with my brothers and who lived about a block from where I grew up.  Old home week, pizza style.  Yes, I caved and got a small pizza, half of which came home with me.  The waiter had the temerity to ask if I wanted canned mushrooms or fresh.  What a silly question.  Fresh, of course.  Tsk.

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Aunt B said...

I have a mental image of the old ladies playing bridge where you had lunch. I've been one of them many times. I bet they all had lots of memories of Marl. Still miss her and I know you do too.