Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cold & Windy... But Sunny

I said the other day that I'd take cold if it came with sunny and today I get my wish.  Canada was evidently saving up some of its Grade A Prime cold to blow our way and today is delivery day.  I'll be wearing my heaviest sweater, that red wool one I knitted with the high shawl collar.  It's thick and heavy and WARM.  Did I tell you that someone from California messaged me on Ravelry asking if I'd consider selling the remaining red yarn from that sweater?  I had never thought of listing my leftover yarn as something I'm willing to trade or sell but I dug it out, weighed it, discovered that it was the dye lot she needed (how in the world...?) and agreed on a price.  Within the blink of an eye the money was in my Paypal account so I packed up the yarn and sent it her way.  How cool is that?

I worked on making pancakes yesterday and got one and a half done.  Durwood and I conferred and agree that each one needs a pat of butter.  They just look too blah without it.  

A customer called in late afternoon asking how long we were open.  He wanted to bring in his regulator for an adjustment but he works until 5-ish so said he'd wait to bring it in on Friday when we're open until 7.  I asked how late he thought he'd be and he said 5 or 10 minutes so I said I'd wait.  He arrived at 5:05 and handed over the reg.  Then he asked if I liked Greek yogurt.  I said that I love it so he held up a finger, said, "wait a minute," and went out to his car.  He brought me this.  It's what looks like a gallon of vanilla Greek yogurt.  I don't know what brand it is (I'm assuming it's a factory overrun) but I had some for breakfast and it sure is good.  I'll email him from work to thank him.  I foresee lots of yummy breakfasts just like this in my future.  (I need to get more granola.)

I read in today's paper that there's going to be a triple astronomical event this weekend.  Friday night there's a "penumbral eclipse" which means the moon transits in the edge of Earth's shadow so it'll look darker but not be partially or totally eclipsed and the moon will be full, the Full Snow or Hunger Moon.  Then at 3:00 AM on Saturday a comet will sail by.  I suspect that it'll be cloudy for the full and eclipsed moon on Friday night and probably for the comet too since it's supposed to warm up dramatically over the next couple days, but this is what I saw when I got home from work last night.  It's the full-ish moon with hardly any clouds.  Very beautiful and very cold.

February 9--Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Oedipus and the Sphinx.  "Those people are naked," said a child's voice behind us.  "Shh, Annie, shh."  That had to be the mama, maybe grandma or aunt, or even the nanny but some female in charge of the person belonging to that childish voice was trying to make it stop talking.  "Is it a rule that people in paintings have to take off their clothes?" the child said.  There was a pause and then, "Uh, it was hot summer when the artist painted this picture, the people got too hot so they took their clothes off."  The little girl had something to say about that.  "Mom gets angry when I take off my clothes when it's hot.  Was their mom gone away?"  "I don't know."  "Why does that lady have wings and a lion's body?"  Clara and I slowed our steps so as not to miss a moment of the child's very astute observations and her companion's creative responses.

This morning I figured out that I can take pictures with my Kindle and send them to my Outlook email account.  Now I learned that my Kindle chimes every time I get an email.  It's going to be noisy until I figure out how to shut it up.  Time to layer up and get to work to keep the world safe from SCUBA diving.

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Aunt B said...

The night sky has been beautiful down here too. Wish I could snap a photo the way you do. The other night the crescent moon and a bright, bright star were so vivid. Nice reward for staying open late. And only a little late at that.