Sunday, February 19, 2017

What Winter?

It's winter here in name only--for now.

Exhibit A:  Durwood's weather station shows that it was 59 degrees at 2 o'clock.

Exhibit B:  the patio glacier is melting so I went out with a spade to lever some of it up so I can grill some drumsticks and a potato for our supper tonight.  Grilling out!  In February!  In Green Bay!

Exhibit C:  the window over the kitchen sink is open (with the consent of always-cold Durwood) as is the one in the master bedroom, so we have actual, non-stale air flowing through our domicile.

It's supposed to be un-winter until next Friday when the temps are supposed to settle back down into the 30s. 

When I was in Hobby Lobby the other day spending my gift card on some "pancake" colored yarn (that it turned out I didn't need after all) I saw this kids' broom that was 40% off.  Where was it two years ago when I scoured the west side looking for a broom for LC?

I'm making progress on the Bumblebee Mittens.  I think I have six more rounds of thumb gusset before those stitches go on a holder or waste yarn and things speed up.  But even with all of the play food and chemo hats I've crocheted the last few weeks I feel like I haven't finished any projects so later I plan to unearth some bulky yarn and some big needles so I can cast on a quick to start, quick to finish something.  Maybe a shawl I bought the pattern and yarn for at Spin a couple years back...

February 19--Hotel Royal Palm and the Miami River.  Diane pulled the handful of mail from the box at the end of the driveway and stood in the shade of the black walnut tree flipping through the pile.  Bill, junk, junk, bill, newsletter, and a postcard.  An old postcard by the look of it, like a black and white photograph that had been hand-tinted.  There was a big palm tree in the foreground then another line of them on the opposite river bank.  Whoever sent the card knew her well, knew she was a big fan of palm trees and vintage postcards.  I wonder who sent it, she thought.  As she turned it over she felt as if a cold hand trailed across the back of her neck.  It was from her mom, who had been dead for six years.

Alrighty then.  Durwood's vacuum sealing the raft of chicken drumsticks I bought at ALDI this morning for 69 cents a pound (what a bargain!) so I think I'm going to grab my knitting and go sit out on the stoop to absorb a little extra Vitamin D while I don't have to court frostbite to do it.

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Aunt B said...

That little kid's broom is soooo cute. Don't you love having an excuse to buy stuff like that? Springtime in GB in February?? Too weird -- but very nice!