Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Have Doubts...

...about that chicken lunchmeat I made the other day.  I tried adding a dark rind last night but I think I've made a new coaster.  It just doesn't look like food, does it?  In fact, if it were food it'd be in the garbage because it looks spoiled.  Oh well.  I'll keep thinking about it.  Maybe I'll crochet a drumstick, I've seen a few free patterns for that.  I'll whip up a few more meatballs tonight and then go back to my regularly scheduled knitting.  All this crocheting is making my wrists ache.

We had seriously oddball weather yesterday.  I noticed after lunch that the sunshine was giving way to some really dark clouds sliding in from the north-ish and the wind had picked up to gale force making unraked leaves scamper ahead of it.  Pretty soon flakes were falling and then falling and blowing like crazy--sideways.  We had a 15 minute blizzard.  Not enough snow fell to cover the bare grass and then the sun came out again.  Crazy.  And it's supposed to get up to 50 degrees this weekend.  I think we're in the Twilight Zone.

Look at the avocado grove.  Pit #1 sent up two sprouts (three actually but one stalled in the starting gate) that are growing by leaps and bounds and some of Pit #2's leaves are longer than my hand.  Sorry for the busy backgrounds but I took the pictures on the fly.  I'll pose them for official portraits this weekend.

Friend MW stopped by last night with two pairs of tennis shoes he bought a while back and then his feet grew (doesn't stuff like that make you crazy?) so they don't fit anymore.  While chatting with him the other day I told him how much I like the heavy boots he gave me last month and he asked what size shoes I wear (in a roundabout way).  When I converted my ladies' size into men's size he said he had a couple pairs of sneakers I could have if they fit.  He brought them over and they fit.  I was looking for black sneakers, now I have two pair.  Thanks, MW, I'm wearing some right now.

February 15--Ford Madox Brown, Romeo and Juliet.  Katrin stood in the cooling dusk on her room's balcony.  Faint footsteps echoed between the building and the stone bridge.  When she had checked in, she made sure there was no way anyone could climb up to the balcony.  Not that she had anything worth stealing and the day when she could play Juliet to someone's Romeo, even on vacation, was long past.

Man, I was beat last night.  I could barely keep my eyes open to write even that little bit.  Although I must confess that the older and more cynical I get I have less and less patience with the foolishness of those barely teen-aged, star-crossed lovers.  Time to load up and head out to work.

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Aunt B said...

Everything is growng -- the avocado pits, your friend's feet -- even the knitted chicken grew a rind. But, yes, it does look more like a coaster. Drumstick should be do-able in the make-believe kitchen.