Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Still Trying to Snag the Moon

The maple tree is determined to keep the moon in its clutches.  I swear I heard it snicker when I went out to get the paper and take another morning moon picture.

We're having a little warmish spell with sunshine to boot.  Since this is the time of year I'm most likely to want to throw out everything and spend the rest of my days in a cave all by myself, sunny days are my best medicine.

Last night I decided that the ham needed a slice of chicken "lunchmeat" to go with it.  I thought of using the tan yarn but that's what I used for the pancakes, then I considered the ecru but that's what I made the Swiss cheese with, so I settled on a pale variegation of white, yellow, and tan.  I'd probably toss a slice of chicken that looked like this but I'm considering adding another round of brown for the suggestion of rind to make it look a bit more meat-y.  I made three more spaghetti noodles, will probably make more since they're nothing more than a long chain, but I need to crank out a few more meatballs.  I'll tackle that tonight.  And then I promise, I'll go back to knitting on my mittens and the Sudoku strip.  Cross my heart.

February 14--Henri Edmond Cross, Cap Layet.  Sophie held Marie's hand while Henri ran ahead.  "Stay away from the water," Marie said to Henri's rapidly receding back.  Boys are drawn to water and this one was no different.  She could settle Sophie in the shade with her rag doll and she stayed there.  Henri was another matter altogether.  He was in the water.  Be it lake, pond, stream, sea or puddle he was in it, shoes and all.  Marie had been a nanny for five families since she left school and every boy was the same, a bundle of energy, all wet, with dirt on his face, and worms in his pockets.  She didn't prefer girls over boys, boys just wore her out faster.  She shaded her eyes from the sun's glare off the white stone beach checking to see where the boy had gone.

I shared the leftovers of yesterday's pizza with Durwood for lunch.  I told him that it was what I got him for Valentine's Day.  What?  There was an odd number of pieces and I gave him the extra one.  With a Sammy's pizza that's like a dozen roses and a box of chocolates.  Tonight we're going to share a banana split from Culver's; it's their Valentine's Day special.  Isn't that romantic?  One bowl and two spoons.  *sigh*

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Aunt B said...

Your chicken lunchmeat?? No comment! But I love the banana split and two spoons. Definitely romantic.