Friday, February 24, 2017

Well, Lookee There

Remember when it was 65 degrees and broke the February high temperature record on Wednesday?  That's over.  Here's how the west-facing bedroom window looked when I opened the shade this morning and the backyard has disappeared once again.  The birdbath was pert' near empty so nothing was being heated.  I fixed that.  In fact I bundled up (yes, even in pants; I always wear pants to go out there since my adventure last April 1) and went out to right the birdie tree that had fallen in the gale-force winds and fill all the feeders since the fallen seed which the birds had been cleaning up is buried in snow again.  It isn't as cold as it looks out there, only 29 degrees, and the wind isn't even that cold but it sure does look like winter again.  It is, after all, still February and we are in Wisconsin.

After supper I frogged the mitten flip-top and started over.  I looked long and hard at the gray tweed yarn and it looks thicker than the black so I went with red.  If I run out of black I'll just finish with red; I think that'll look just fine.  Oh, I just remembered that I meant to do a couple rows of ribbing on the palm side of the flip-top so the edge doesn't curl.  Well, if I end up frogging back AGAIN I'll do it that time, if not... *shrugs*

February 24--Tricker's of London, Satin-lined Evening Slippers with Sealyham Terriers.  It was no Cinderella glass slipper.  Kate tugged the shoe out from under the clawfoot tub in her new apartment.  She knew when she rented the place that it wasn't going to be the Taj Mahal.  It was the second floor of a house built in the 1940s with absolutely no style in a part of town not yet touched by any kind of economic upturn or gentrification.  In fact the neighborhood attracted people in search of low rent.  Judging from the enticing aromas coming from the surrounding houses, her neighbors were immigrants and really good cooks.  She had high hopes of there being block picnics where she could sample foods from their different countries.  The shoe wasn't foreign or even very interesting.  It was a man's slip-on and it looked like it had been under there a long time.  She wondered how a person could lose a shoe under a bathtub or move out without looking under there.

Naturally Durwood has a doctor's appointment later this afternoon which means I guess I get to go remove the snow from the driveway.  Oh goodie.  On second thought, it isn't very deep, maybe I'll just leave it.  Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

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Aunt B said...

Winter does hang on up there. It has been so mild down here that it's like Winter skipped us this year. But it IS still February.