Saturday, February 4, 2017


In what feels like a sudden leap I've noticed the last two evenings that it's still light around 5 o'clock.  Not glaring sunlight but not pitch dark either.  That must mean that somewhere, some day down the road it won't be dark when I get out of bed in the morning and won't be dark when I leave work at five.  Hooray!

We spent a very confusing hour with our "fiduciary" yesterday.  That's the new title she says they've hung on financial advisors like her.  Very swank, don't you think?  Although it seems like an incorrect usage of a very old word.  According to The Oxford American Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus (2nd Edition) that sits next to me here, "fiduciary" means held in trust.  It's not a title, it's an adjective... oh wait, the very last definition waaaay down at the bottom lists n. trustee, so I guess in the strictest sense it's correct usage but to me it sounds pretentious and dictionary-y.  Also lazy, like the noun-ing of a verb.  Anyway, I felt like I understood a quarter of what she had to say although both she and Don insisted that I "got" more than I thought I did.  See?  It's my ability to ask one semi-intelligent question that fools 'em every time.  The good news is that we've still got enough so that, at our present level of spending, we won't go to debtors' prison until I'm 90 (which some days feels like it's just around the corner).

After the appointment we went to Pick 'n Save to get a few things (you know that always turns into fifty bucks' worth) and so Durwood could see the remodel.  It had been at least a month since he'd been in a grocery and probably two or three months since he'd been in that particular store so he enjoyed checking out every corner of the place.  He's fun (and frustrating when I'm in a hurry) to go to the grocery with; he likes to go slowly all around the perimeter and then up and down every aisle.  I'm more of a hit-and-run grocery shopper, I take out my list and charge around.

Last night I worked on the chemo hat at Friday Knitting.  Casting on those mitts the other night made me realize that I should finish this cap first and I promised someone small a stack of pancakes and still only have one made.

Didn't write last night or do my ankle stretches either.  I stayed up too late and just turned out the light.  I'll do better tonight.  I promise.

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Aunt B said...

I can hardly get my head around all that snow up there. We've had such a mild winter -- in the 70's many days. And still we want to move to Florida! When I watch "Fixer Upper", I want Chip and Joanna to come over to Ft. Myers and "countrify" our house. None of that furniture we bought is my style so I'm going to have a field day when we get down there trying to soften it up a bit.