Thursday, February 2, 2017

One Quarter

I keep measuring and measuring Long Sudoku Strip #1 and finally last night around 10 o'clock I reached the magic number--16 inches.  That's one-quarter of the 64 inches I need to join the left and center panels.  Then I need to knit another long strip.  *sigh*  Finally there'll be the decision as to how to edge/border the thing.  As God is my witness, I will finish this thing in 2017.

I can tell without even turning on the teevee that the Groundhog saw his shadow this morning, meaning 6-8 more weeks of winter.  Who are we kidding?  I live in Wisconsin.  No matter whether the groundhog or woodchuck or marmot or whistlepig sees his shadow or not, we're going to have 6-8 more weeks of winter.  Who are these Pennsylvanians who think their local rodent is the last word in weather prediction?  Or is that just an excuse to have a few hot toddies while they interrupt its hibernation at the beginning of February?  Anyway, the local doves were enjoying their breakfast earlier and look at that sunshine.  That means it's about 5 degrees out there... but sunshine!  I'll take it.

February 2--Berthe Morisot, The Children of M. Gabriel Thomas.  There was that dog again poking its nose into Louisa's hand when she was trying to sit so still.  Max shoved it away with his knee making the painter hiss through his teeth that he would never take a commission to paint children again, especially not children with pets.  There was no way to keep the dog away since they were set up in the conservatory where the light was best and the doors were open wide to let air in.  That meant the dog could come and go too.  Emile thought he wouldn't be surprised if birds and squirrels showed up next.

Sometimes I hear the story right away when I look at the picture (like last night) and sometimes I don't hear a thing (like the night before).  C'est la vie, I guess.  One of my toes is cold.  One.  You'd think that they'd either all be cold or none would be cold since they're all in pretty much the same place.  Isn't the body a strange machine?  I need to add the last layer of my garb and head out for work.  Oh, and I waited too long to shower so I'll have frozen hair before I've gone a block or until the car warms up.  At least it'll stay in place.


Judy "Redbird" Bridges said...

Barbara, is the painter paragraph yours?

Aunt B said...

The long black knitted strip is impressive but not as impressive as the sunshine on the snow and birds. Welcome sight on Groundhog Day.