Monday, February 6, 2017

Move Along, No Nutrition to See Here

Well, I didn't fool gravity or the scale.  My last couple weeks of profligate snacking and general ignoring low-fat eats caught up with me in a big way.  I'll be giving myself a good talking to sometime today.  Probably after supper because we have half of our Super Bowl supper food left and (let's not fool ourselves) will finish it off for supper tonight.  As you can see there is absolutely no redeeming or nutritious value in this food.  If I hadn't made the wings myself, I'd doubt if it was real food at all.  I know that the Diet caffeine-free Coke isn't real food; it's just chemicals in soda water.  The Little Caeser's bites were delish but there's not a lot of healthy food in crazy bread bites smothering in garlic butter, then drowned in melted Cheez Whiz, covered with mozz, and bacon pieces.  Real bacon but none of that stuff counts as nutrition.

No pix of laundry folding or sheet changing (you're welcome) but I did do those things.  I also got the mitten cuffs knitted to the right length ready to start the hand part now.  After the exciting end of the football game (that I actually watched; I watched Lady Gaga too, she was great) I thought I'd see about turning some of that thick green yarn into a grumpy toad.  This is the head/top.  I'm afraid that the holes between stitches are too big to hold in the stuffing.  Maybe I should go down a hook size and try again.  I'll think about it.

This morning the Mourning Dove breakfast club stopped by.  Seems like the dating has begun.  I don't know when they start nesting but it seems a little early, however a few of the doves were cozying up and even mounting others.  Maybe it was just practice?  Eesh, this is no time to be making babies, you silly birds.  You can see at the top of the photo how the sunshine we've had bounces off the retaining wall and melts the snow up there but it isn't warm enough for baby birds, not by a long shot.

February 6--Filippino Lippi, The Disputation with Simon Magus.  A hand with the index finger extended stopped Simon as he and his friends walked to the cafe.  "You will not get away with this," the red-haired man said.  Simon reached to deflect the hand but the man bored into him, pushing him against the wall.  "I have no defense," Simon said, "since I have no idea what you're referring to."  He smelled the raw liquor on his attacker's breath and felt the anger vibrating through his muscles.

A-a-a-a-and that's when I fell fast asleep.  Durwood took my pencil and notebook away, that's when I woke up to take off my glasses and turn out the light.  It's another overcast day and temps are in the teens.  *sigh*  I'd like either sunny or warm, one or the other, I'm tired of this chilly and dreary stuff.  How's by you?  Don't answer, Aunt B, I don't want to hear how warm it is and has been all winter.

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Aunt B said...

OK - no bragging about the weather. Right now, it's kinda foggy but it's still early in the day. I liked Lady Gaga too. Quite acrobatic as well as great voice. Someone came to look at the house yesterday and seemed to like it. Realtor coming today to take pictures. If they show up on or Zillow, I'll let you know so you can take a gander.