Monday, January 30, 2017

Sometimes You Have to Look the Other Way


The air looked pink when I went out to get the newspaper this morning but when I looked to the East the sky was all white and blue.  Then I looked to the West, there was the pink light shining faintly on the clouds on the horizon, which meant that someone to the West of us was having the pretty pink sunrise that had passed me by.  *sigh*

Today's acrobatic squirrel perched on top of the stretched Slinky on the crook where the peanut wreath is, using its tail to keep its balance and nibbling a peanut.  Right after I snapped this it reached down to the wreath and released about 4 peanuts that fell to the ground, only to be snapped up by another squirrel lurking near the birdie tree.


In cheesy yarn news, I did a little ad-libbing to make a slice of Swiss for the play kitchen.  I was informed that one slice of play cheese isn't enough so now there's the Swiss and more to come.  Pancakes too, one pancake does not make a stack.

January 30--Umberto Boccioni, Under the Pergola in Naples.  It was the perfect evening for eating outside.  They had visited the market and come back with a basket full of tomatoes, olives, fresh cheese, crusty bread warm from the oven, lemons, and a bottle of good wine.  Marco had spent the afternoon fishing with Albert while Lina worked at her desk getting a few more pages of her manuscript rewritten.  She really detested rewriting.  First drafts flowed out of her like a river.  Rewriting was like digging to China with a teaspoon.  She was glad to hear Marco come back up the drive in their old green Volvo.  That meant it was time to put down her pen, open the wine, and put together a simple supper with the fresh things they'd brought home that day.

I just realized that tomorrow is the last day of January.  Already.  I shake my head.  But it also means that our long weekend in Door Co. the second weekend in March is getting ever closer.  We can't wait but we've got too many appointments on Mondays and Fridays to escape before March.

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Aunt B said...

Not only is that squirrel acrobatic -- he's also well-fed. Looks kinda chubby there on the Slinky. Yes, one slice of cheese does not a sandwich make. Especially up there in Cheese Country.