Sunday, January 22, 2017

Still Dreary

Now with extra Fog!  We are into our third day of thick cloud cover with warmer temps that generate mist and fog from the combination of below freezing ground and above freezing air.  I like not having to drive and walk (no more falling--ever) on ice but I'd like to see beyond the front bumper of my car too.  I was thinking that instead of this little flock of sparrows up in the bare apple tree we should have a wake of vultures or at least a murder of crows to go along with the mood of the day.

Look what I did on Friday.  I sat on the couch in my jammies and crocheted the third, and last, Sudoku panel of blocks together so now on to the 64" long strips.  (looooong is right but I take heart that there're only two of them)

Then at Friday night knitting, I cast on and got busy knitting the Bumblebee Laurus hat, Fringe Hat-along Hat #4 but the 5th one I've knitted (I jumped ahead for one).  I may not do the last one, the 1898 hat which looks warm but also looks like a lot of work.  It was difficult deciding which of my leftover wool tweed skeins to use for this hat and I knew I'd never wear a turquoise hat with red or gold colorwork so I went with the safe black for the main color and grabbed gold for the contrast.  I'm thinking I might make some convertible mittens with the other small skeins of wool tweed to go with the hat--with suitable accents of black and gold, of course.

I got a request from LC to knit a raccoon and grumpy toad to add to the Mitten animals (even though neither are mentioned in the story).  She made the connection between the basket of knitting by the couch and the yarn-y toys she was playing with.  I think that's very advanced thinking for a 3 year old.  Then she asked if I can make pancakes for her play kitchen and two-color cheese for making pretend sandwiches.  Why yes, yes, I can. I'll be looking up patterns later.

January 22--Giotto di Bondone, Wedding at Cana.  "I hate these lines," said Greg to Gina, "you say the same thing to everyone and most of the time they have no idea who you are."  Gina linked her arm through his and squeezed so her breast pressed his bicep.  "It's the price you pay for a turn at the open bar," she whispered in his ear.  He tightened her arm against his side.  "How long to we have to stay?  My shoes pinch."

I don't think they'll stay long but doesn't everyone hate receiving lines?  Speaking of long, I have a long list of stops to make today--Aldi, Fleet Farm, Kwik Trip, Sam's, Walmart, and Pick 'n Save (I list them so I don't forget any)--so I think I'll climb on my horse and gallop away into the fog/mist/whatever.

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Aunt B said...

Well football season is over for all us Packer fans. At some point in time, the "table" had to run out for Aaron. Sad, so sad. Be careful in all that fog. Crazy weather. It's like pea soup down here too.