Saturday, January 28, 2017

You Wish You Had Abs Like These

I saw a squirrel on the suet feeder again this morning, only today it wasn't clinging to the short crook and reaching over.  It was holding the top of the feeder grid with its back feet, doing a sit-up to get some suet and then holding itself at a 90-degree angle to eat what it had gotten.  Now, those are abs.  Aaaand we're back to having a half-frozen birdbath.  Good thing I took advantage of yesterday afternoon's sunshine to chisel all the icy snow off the driveway, huh?

I don't have much to show in the knitting department.  I got the crown of the chemo cap done and started the body of the hat, then when my hands felt tired from crocheting, I picked up the Sudoku strip and knitted a few more inches.  I have to say I was pretty darned tired last night and for no good reason.  I yawned my way through Friday Night Knitting and only managed to stay up until 10 o'clock or so.  Must be the cloudy weather.

January 28--Paul Cezanne, The Card Player.  The cards made a small fan in his large hands.  They were workingman's hands, rough and calloused, not soft and manicured like the hands of the man across the table.  Vic tipped his black hat back a bit to peer at the shabby man.  "Any time, Sandro," he said.  Sandro's hands tightened on the cards and his eyes flicked to the pile of chips, coins, and bills shoved into the center of the table.  "I'm thinking, Mr. Vic."  His shoulders relaxed in the worn brown wool coat.  "I'm thinking that this pot is mine."  Sandro laid down his cards.  "Four nines."  Vic didn't react.  He laid his cards face down.  "Good game, Sandro, good game."  He stood, shrugged into his topcoat, and settled his hat on his head.  "Gentlemen," he said touching the brim, then he turned and walked out of the saloon.  A hand reached to flip Vic's cards over but Sandro said, "Leave them," as he scooped the cards and the pot toward himself.

And that's it for today.  I need to brave Walmart to pick up an item I ordered from them and then get the slow cooker supper ingredients ready to fire up around 1 o'clock.  Did you know that you're only supposed to cook chicken breasts for 3-4 hours in the crockpot so they're not overcooked?  I didn't, but Durwood read it in one of the food mags he subscribes to.  Makes a world of difference.  I'm off.

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Aunt B said...

It seems like endless winter up there. But it IS still January. Chilly in our part of the world but nothing like yours. That's an amazing squirrel -- but well fed - thanks to you. Pancakes on our menu this morning. But no football this afternoon. Always sad for me when the season ends.