Wednesday, January 25, 2017

They Didn't Lie...

... their timing was just a bit off.  It didn't start snowing until just before daybreak this morning instead of snowing all night so the early go-to-workers, like our renters, had an easier than anticipated trip.  I, however, will have to take it easy on the snow-covered streets.  That's okay.  I'm guessing there won't be a line-up of customers clamoring to get in when I arrive.


This Downy Woodpecker came for a suet snack yesterday afternoon.  Did I tell you that the sun actually shone for about half an hour yesterday morning?  It did, and I really appreciated it. 

I tried on the Bumblebee Laurus hat and the colorwork's a little snugger than the rest but it's okay.  I'm not frogging back, especially since I'm 6" past it and ready to start the crown decreases.  Looking at the pictures on the pattern and reading through comments of those who made it before me, I added an inch to the body of the hat so it has a better chance of covering my ears.

Look at that avocado pit grow.  Those stems are twice as long as they were the last time I blogged about them.  The original sprout has opened a side shoot and is growing very slowly but still growing.  Go, pit, go!

I made fruit salad for work lunches and general nibbling on the other day.  I look at that colorful bowl of yumminess and just smile.  Don't you love fruit?  And it's pineapple and blueberry season.  Yay!

Yesterday I thought about finding a WW slow cooker recipe to make for supper tonight.  Of course I didn't do the actual web surfing until this morning which meant that there was no meat thawed out BUT I had a package of chicken thighs that I put in the microwave on Defrost just long enough to break them apart and take the skin off and I had all the other ingredients to make Chicken Cacciatore.  I'm kind of jealous that Durwood will be in the house all day smelling the savory aromas that are bound to perfume the stale winter air.  We even have some whole wheat pasta to serve it over.

January 25--Karma Yeshe, Guru Padmasambhava.  Clouds of incense tickled Rita's nose as she edged into the cool dimness of the temple.  It took a couple minutes for her eyes to adjust after the glare of the sunny morning outside.  She lingered next to a pillar watching the worshippers come and go.  With its roof and pillars but only one wall, it wasn't anything like the cathedrals she had visited.  People came and went--women on their way to market, men in tropical office wear with briefcase in hand--stopping to drop an offering coin, light a stick of incense, bob a few reverent bows in the smoke, before placing their stick into a pot of sand and going about their business.  Rita thought the Buddha looked so friendly and welcoming on his dais of pillows draped with ropes of marigold flowers.  "You are welcome to approach," said a voice at her side.  She stammered an apology.  "I don't want to interfere.  I think I'll just stay here for a few minutes, if that's all right."  She noticed the man wore a saffron robe and his head was clean-shaven.  "Are you a monk?" she asked.  "I am."  He smiled and made a small bow.  "You do not need to be of our faith to rest your spirit in this place.  Come as often as you like."  He bowed again and glided away around the back of the statue and out of sight.

I'm late already (I blame the chicken) and I won't hurry so sorry, Mrs. Boss.  I'll be there soon.

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Aunt B said...

All that snow and then the beautiful colorful bowl of fruit -- quite a contrast. But great to have fresh fruit in the middle of winter. I remember when having an orange at Christmastime was something special. Good old days??? Maybe not!