Monday, January 16, 2017

Ho Hum

That was my yesterday.  Ho. Hum.  I got distracted in the morning and forgot to take my pills so with no "happy" pill on board my day went from Ho to Hum really quickly, and by suppertime it had skidded into the cellar.  I spent most of the day zoned out playing computer games and listening to my audiobook.  I did make the Brussels sprouts with Cranberries and Walnuts but didn't take their picture because my timing was off and they got that awful gray green color that means they're overcooked.  Don't get me wrong, they tasted great but I'll make them again and be more careful of the cooking time and take their picture.

The sunset was nice and vivid last night.  I'd really like a more open vista to the west but I guess the neighbors have a right to be there--since they built their house before we built ours, but I'd like the city to come and bury the lines.  At least then all I'd have was house and trees between me and the sunset.  Pretty, though.

I realized that I forgot to show you what DD, SIL1 and GC gave me for Christmas.  It's a silk scarf and hankie that they ice dyed.  I love it (and them) and will wear the scarf to work today.  Maybe I'll find a sweater with a pocket and wear the hankie too.  There.  Now I look gooooood.  I just realized that they look like a shirt in that picture.  It isn't, it's a scarf and a hankie, really.

Didn't do much knitting, only a couple rounds of the Soup Hat and an inch or so on the Sudoku strip.  See?  I told you I was in a funk.

January 16--Jean-Michel Basquiat, Two Sided Coin.  Primary colors and irregular lines made Christine think that the artist had been in a hurry or in a rage when he made the piece.  She looked at the crude faces like voodoo masks or skulls with grinning teeth and thought that someone with a more educated eye than she had saw the artistry there.  It made her think of drunken nights and smoking weed in dark alleys where life was cheap and virtue was a commodity to be traded.  She liked it but would never have it in her house.  Not that she could ever afford it.

I have to work today.  Did I tell you that?  Mrs. Boss is off in Colorado visiting her mom and skiing, mostly skiing I suspect, so I get to work today.  *sigh*  Later today we're supposed to get hit by the leading edge of that nasty ice storm that crippled Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri over the weekend.  I don't really want it so maybe it'll skip over us.  Please?

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Aunt B said...

Too bad you were in a funk yesterday. Maybe it's the January let-down after the Holidays or something. I felt like crying myself. Had a terrible day at the bridge table and my back has been killing me lately. Love that scarf and hankie but I did think that picture was a shirt at first.