Friday, January 27, 2017


The last time LC was over she was being the mom and I was being the kid so she was making me lunch in her play kitchen.  She was making a sandwich so she took out the crocheted bread, bacon, lettuce, and tomato I'd made for her.  I could see she was getting frazzled but kept quiet.  Finally she turned to me and said, "Meemaw, I don't have any cheese.  Can you make cheese?"  I said, "Yes, I could make cheese. Do you want white cheese or yellow cheese?"  She said, "I like white and yellow cheese."  I had a skein of white and yellow dishcloth cotton (which I make all play food with) so last night I made cheese.  She also asked if I can make pancakes.  Wouldn't you know there's a free pattern on Ravelry for a pancake scarf with a pat of butter on every other pancake in the row, so I dug out pancake, pancake edge, and butter colored yarn and will be whipping up a few pancakes.  I should probably make a couple slices of lunchmeat too just in case she needs to make a different sandwich.  This is very much fun.

It was just quiet enough yesterday at work that I could finish the crown of the Bumblebee Laurus hat, mostly because the rounds get smaller and smaller until you draw the last few stitches together and you're done.  I like it.  I'm still not a fan of Fair Isle knitting (putting a color or colors in a design) but this was only a little bit so I could deal with it.

This morning there were a lot of doves pecking under the feeders and the second wave waited on the fence and in the apple tree.  This afternoon it was sunny, just sunny enough that all the icy, crunchy snow on the driveway could be shoveled and scraped off.  Hooray!  I'm so glad I got it cleaned off.  I live in fear of slipping and falling.

I didn't write last night when I went to bed.  I guess I was "cheesed" out, so this is all you get.

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Aunt B said...

Amazing that you can knit or crochet food. LC is a lucky little lady to have a Meemaw like you. Her wish is your command when it comes to play time. What fun.