Thursday, January 26, 2017

Say Cheese!

It was a squirrel day at the feeders today.  This fat, fluffy squirrel diligently checked out each and every feeder and trolled the edges of the patio looking for any delicacies that might have been missed.  It finally scaled the shortest crook and used it as a place to stretch from and nibble on the suet.  Not that I put suet out for squirrels but I'm not naive enough to think that they won't partake, that's kind of why I bought the 2-cake feeder.  For a minute there I thought it was going to make some smart remark as it watched me take its picture but it just went on nibbling.  The next time I looked out it was nestled in the birdie tree chowing down on cracked corn and sunflower seeds.  I don't mind, it's something alive out there in the dead of winter.

I keep having to work at work.  What's up with that?!?  Isn't that elder abuse or something?  Which means I don't get any knitting done during the day.  *sigh*  I have to content myself with the paltry knitting I do after supper and before bed, and by then I'm pretty tired so progress is slow.  Durwood and I watched a show about underwater critters that live in the sand which really held my attention (I miss underwater) so I cast on the first of the 64" long Sudoku afghan joining strips.  I only got about two, maybe two and a half, inches knitted but it's a start.  Then I added a few rounds to the next chemo hat while watching Code Black.  I have high hopes for getting a lot done over the weekend.

See what I found on the shelf by the patio door on Tuesday?  It's a moth and it's alive, well, it was alive.  I don't think it's a wool-eating moth but I took no chances and smooshed it, then threw it outside.  It's pretty cold for moths to be waking up around here.  Maybe it was a scout.  I'll be watching for more.

January 26--August Macke, Tunisian Landscape.  From her villa balcony the mountains looked like purple cones on the horizon.  The whole country looked like it had been made with geometric shapes in primary colors.  The houses were white square blocks topped with red tile pyramid roofs.  Leanne stayed in the purple square room on the third floor of the yellow vertical rectangular hotel next to the gray rectangular town hall.  Even the bay was perfectly round and uniformly blue.  I feel as if I'm in Dr. Seuss-land, she wrote on a postcard to a friend.  Even the cypress trees around the cemetery are tall green cones that look molded instead of grown.

The WW Chicken Cacciatore I made for supper last night was a triumph.  Durwood made whole wheat rotini to serve with it and we're both happy that there's another supper's worth left for tonight.  My plan for today is to troll the WW website for more slow cooker recipes that we can try.  Durwood's a big fan, I suspect because he gets to stay here all day and smell that glorious aroma promising yummy supper.  We only got a couple inches of snow instead of the 4-8 they predicted.  It couldn't make up its mind between snow and rain most of the day.  I love the weather in Wisconsin.

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Aunt B said...

That is one acrobatic squirrel. And I was so glad to see him munching away in the cozy tree. The people who will do our "estate" sale when we leave came by yesterday to case out the joint. They were thrilled with all the "smalls" I've collected over the years but it's going to be sooooo hard to leave all those memories behind. Oh well, a chance to start all over again when we get down to Ft. Myers.