Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snow Over Ice

Just what we need.  It isn't bad enough that Tuesday was warm enough to melt and then freeze a thick layer of ice over every street, driveway, sidewalk, and parking lot, it had to snow just a little last night on top of that ice so it'll be extra slick today.  *sigh*  That 120# of ice melt salt I bought yesterday looks to have a shorter shelf life than I'd hoped.  Oh well, I know where to get more.


Since my hat decided to soak up a serving of chicken soup yesterday (it got a bath so it's de-souped and drying now) I used what little knitting time I had at work to add another round of stitches to the latest chemo hat.  I'm not a big "blue" fan but I do like the way it looks with a little green thrown in.

Last night (okay, one night after I'd promised) I cast on and knitted a bit on Sudoku Strip #6.  This is what I managed to knit while watching Code Black.  I kept having to stop so I could watch the show.  Maybe listening to an audiobook's the best knitting entertainment for me.  I'm kind of distractable.  (squirrel!)

January 12--Piet Mondrian, Composition A.  Dee looked around trying to find a way out.  She was in a hole, maybe a basement.  Bars divided the light into squares.  Her ears rang and the air was choked with dust.  What happened?  Was it a bomb?  A tornado?  She had been getting supper started... hadn't she?  She looked around.  All around her furniture, boxes, pieces of wood and plasterboard were jumbled together.  She should get up, get out, but her left leg wouldn't move.  Her leg was still there, wasn't it?  She slid her hand over her hip, down to her thigh, and was relieved to find her leg, warm and firm, but trapped in the rubble.  Sounds came back in a rush, rain pelted on her face, and a dog barked.  "Help," she cried, "help, I'm down here."

Alrighty then, I'm all showered, dressed, breakfasted, yoga-ed, tonight's supper veggies are elevated into Durwood's reach, and my knitting's by the door.  All I have left to do is stick toe warmers onto my socks before shoving my feet into my boots and I'm ready to face the day.  You have a good day and be careful out there, it's bound to be slippery.

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Aunt B said...

Too much ice and snow. Just getting to work is a risky proposition if you ask me. But you're a loyal employee. You should get a bonus for managing to get through all that icky weather.