Saturday, September 6, 2014

Today's Saturday, Right?

I've been at a trot all day, going out for breakfast and lunch and stopping to visit my favorite chickens.  In between all that I've been trying to make my new laptop with its Windows 8.1 OS sit up and do the tricks I want it to do.  I called my pal KW about installing Windows 7 over 8.1 because I couldn't make the darned thing recognize my HP printer and my TomTom GPS.  She suggested I look online for a printer driver since HP wouldn't abandon its own printer.  *head, slap*  That lead me to believe that I should go on the TomTom site and look for a download there too.  Both ideas worked.  So now I'm trying to clear out some jump drives so I can suck all the files off the old Kumquat's hard drive and put them on the new Kumquat's hard drive.  It's slow going but I think I might be winning.  (even if I'm not please let me keep thinking it)

I discovered that I have a camera in this thing.  It was quite a surprise (and not an especially happy one) when my confused and frowning face appeared on the screen.  Eek.  Does that mean I can Skype?  Who would I do that with?  I don't know.  It kind of makes me want to put a piece of tape over the tiny little eye up there when I change my clothes.

I finished weaving in the tails of the Soya Cotton Hankie Washcloth at breakfast this morning and promptly gave it to one of Durwood's Census pals, a girl one.  She was admiring it so much and sincerely too, not wheedling, so I just slid it across the table and said, "happy birthday" and made her promise to actually used it as a washcloth, not keep it because it's too good to get wet.  It's very frustrating when people don't use things because I firmly believe that they don't fulfill their destiny until they're used for their intended purpose.  So there.  Anyway, I can make another one, even with the same colors if I want to.

September 6--Leonardo da Vinci, Designs for a Nativity or Adoration of the Christ Child.  Paige turned the old book to the light.  The leather binding flaked off in pink pieces like fingernails when she gripped it and loose pages threatened to escape.  She loved books, the way they smelled and the weight of them.  Electronic books were all right when you wanted to carry a hundred of them in your pocket but there was nothing like curling up with a book and afghan on a cold rainy Saturday.  The icy white light of an ereader made her feel chilled even on a sunny day.  The book she held was old and broken but she would buy it anyway.  There were doodles in the margins, doodles of women and babies that reminded her of artists' studies she had see in Art History class in college.

Now to see if I can make the new laptop suck the pictures off my SD card so I can tart them up before uploading them.  Wish me luck.  I forgot to show you the dishcloth Mrs. Boss gave me for my birthday.  It says "do i look like i give a rat's ass?"  Seems I said that to her once not too long ago and when she saw it she bought it.  I think it's fabulous.

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Aunt B said...

That washcloth really is almost too pretty to use.