Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hummingbird Central

Our feeders have been very popular with the neighborhood hummingbirds lately so I made sure that they were all full this morning.  We were amused to see one of the hummingbirds checking out the oriole feeder with grape jelly in the cup.
I picked what may be the last of the tomatoes this morning and saw two more gorgeous blooms on the nasturtiums.

I forgot my knitting yesterday when I went to work.  Thank goodness I have a dishcloth project in my car at all times in case the bridge goes up when I'm on my way across town.  I won't be forgetting today, no sirree bob.

 That new doc of Durwood's called again this morning just to see how he's doing.  Wow!  We are so happy with him and we were very worried that the replacement doc wouldn't measure up to the last one but it just occurred to me that we've liked each successive pulmonologist better than the last one.  Hopefully this one doesn't leave anytime soon.  Durwood's feeling tons better and that's a relief.  The magic of modern medicine gets the credit, that and Dr. Callaway.

At Durwood's urging I cancelled my cancellation of my week at The Clearing yesterday.  Now I'm toddling off to the woods to work on my writing in a place without Internet or reliable cell service, no TV, no radio, no work.  Nothing to do but have writing time for a whole week.  I can not wait.

September 18--Claude Monet, Cabin of the Customs Watch.  Julia B had always loved the cottage.  It nestled against a cleft in the bluff along the west side of the bay.  When she was a small girl Granny Eileen had lived there and Julia B's summers were filled with bread baking in the early mornings, berry picking in the late afternoons, and fishing off the dock whenever Granny felt the need for some of what she called "peaceful meditation."  Julia B learned that meant no talking, just fishing.  Now she herself lived in the cottage on the bluff, had the sunset and storms as entertainment, and she was partial to "peaceful meditation."

I've done my morning stuff in reverse order today and I don't know if I like it.  I had lots of time to fill the feeders and look at the hummingbirds flit around and the bluejays make off with all the peanuts in the platform feeder.  Those bluejays come in like gangbusters, squawking all the way, nab a nut and zoom off before I can even pick up the camera.  I'm off.  Working today.

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Aunt B said...

Have you seen that YouTube of "Arm Knitting" -- you could keep a stash of that bulky yarn at work and knit like crazy even if you forgot your usual knitting. Of course, if a customer came in, they'd just have to wait until your arms could do more than knit!!!