Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ready... Aim... Museum!

It was cloudy and cool on our first morning in Cody so I put on long jeans.  Ugh, that was a mistake because it was so hot in the museum.  What museum?  We went to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West which is five museums under one roof.  It isn't cheap to get in but you're good for two days' entry.  Plus we're seniors, that helps.  We went straight for the Firearms Museum and spent, oh, about five hours looking at every kind of gun imaginable.  It was pretty interesting, I liked the engraving on the metal parts and the pretty woods, Durwood liked the gun part.  He wanted to shoot every one.  We had lunch in the museum instead of our intended car picnic because it was pouring rain.  Then we went back to finish looking at the guns.  By then I was gunned out, Durwood could have gone around again.  They have a Boone and Crockett display with a bunch of world record mounts.  They're kind of creepy, but it's evidently a guy thing because Durwood was riveted and every other guy that walked in the room stopped dead, slack-jawed, and said "whoa" like they'd just walked into Tiffanys.  I think the thing that intrigued me the most was a 100-implement Swiss Army Knife-type thing about the size of a brick with a tiny pistol a bunch of saws, a straight razor, a scissors, and a bazillion other implements of torture and grooming.  I couldn't figure out how a person carried it
because nobody's ever had a pocket that it'd fit in.  

We went to Bubba's Bar-B-Que for supper where we split a combo plate and took home enough for supper the next night too.  That was a lot of food.  After supper I dealt with the day's photos, putting them onto the laptop, and knitted a few rows.  Durwood played "that bird game" on the Kindle.  I am endlessly amused that he likes it.  He talks to himself while he's playing, it's pretty funny.
The next day instead of going back to the museums we took the day off.  It was Sunday and we were tired.  Durwood watched a couple football games, snoozed in the chair, and played Angry Birds.  I worked my way through part of the manual for my new/pawnshop camera and finished the 14th and final orange stripe of my shawl with about 7 yards of yarn left.  Whew.


We were very popular with the local hummingbirds yesterday, or rather our nectar feeder and coleus blooms were, and I managed to snap a couple pictures, one even turned out.

I did knit in the afternoon yesterday.  I added a couple fedora brown rows to the shawl and I picked 3 colors of soya cotton and cast on another Vintage Hankie Washcloth.  I am amused and fascinated by this pattern.  I'll make the body of the hankie/washcloth gold, the wide stripe in the blue, and the crocheted ruffle edge in the coral red, and I think I'll skip even fewer stitches to make the edging even rufflier.  I can do that because I am the boss of my knitting.  Hmm, maybe I'll find some other stitches to make a lacy hankie washcloth and that can be an entry to the BLKG Design-A-Thon.  Could be I could do that.

September 2--Hans Holbein the Younger, Erasmus of Rotterdam.  The old man sat huddled in his coat with a moth-eaten fur hat pulled down over his ears.  His park bench was in the only slice of sunshine left in the park but it was obvious it brought him no warmth.  A thin trickle of breath drifted from the gap between hat and coat collar, the only visible proof that he was still alive.  One persistently hopeful squirrel sat up on its haunches peering at the old man, one paw reaching out as if to tug on his pants leg.  The old man clutched an empty, grease stained, paper bag in one gloved hand.

Okay, today I want to work on getting all the restaurants, attractions, and motels we visited reviewed on Trip Advisor before they're faded into a muddle in my increasingly feeble memory.  You all have a good day and remember it's Tuesday, not Monday, even though it feels like Monday because yesterday was a holiday.

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