Friday, September 19, 2014

In Which I Am A Good Employee

I am a good employee because when Mrs. Boss called the other day to ask if I can work part of today I didn't hesitate to say yes.  *pats self on back*  I don't remember why she needs the day off, maybe she's in charge of some meeting or something at her secret society, but I get to work today for part of the day, not all day so I don't miss Friday Night Knitting, but I'll get a little boost in the paycheck and I always like that.  Plus it's a cloudy day so I might as well sit inside at work, right?

I finished the second soya and cotton hankie washcloth last night.  (it needs blocking)  This pattern amuses me, I like that it looks like something fancy but is for washing your face (or other parts that need washing), proof that utility can also be pretty.

The leaves are turning colors.  Out of all the trees on the block ours is the most turned.  *sigh*  That's not a good sign.  I called the city arborist last week and I don't know if he's had a chance to stop by yet.  We haven't gotten a note which he said he'd leave for me so maybe I'm not the only person to call for him to check out a tree.  D'you realize that next week is the Autumnal Equinox?  That means that summer's officially over.  Bah.  The mums are starting to bloom too (see?  I told you they would even after I cut them back when they tried to bloom in July).

I was going to resist but I'm putting yet another hummingbird picture on here.  This little lady has spent the morning visiting each and every crook and feeder in the yard, even peeking over the downy woodpecker's shoulder at the suet.  Pretty soon all of the hummingbirds will be gone south so I'm taking pictures of them while I still can. They're so tiny, how do they survive on even these sort of chilly nights?

September 19--Unknown Artist, Locomotive on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.  Celeste tried to wedge herself into the corner of the seat so she could sleep.  Darla sat across from her, bolt upright and fast asleep, but Celeste couldn't hold herself still like that.  Each time the train car tipped and swayed she did too.  She had rolled up her jacket to use as a pillow and braced her feet on the armrest on the aisle.  She knew she should have taken off her shoes but she was afraid they'd slide away under the seats and be lost, then where would she be when they arrived.

Eh. Time to get myself dressed in something other than my jammies and cobble a lunch together.  Later, dudes and dudettes.

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Aunt B said...

Ah nature!! The turning leaves, the flowers, even the tiny hummingbird. Everything in its time. I hope your maple tree is OK. Maybe it's just in a hurry for autumn.