Friday, September 12, 2014

Drizzly Friday

What a sucky day this is turning out to be.  And the weather isn't cooperating either.  Drizzle.  Bah.  Last week I wore shorts, today I'm in long jeans and a t-shirt and need another layer, plus my toes are cold.  I don't think we'll hit 60 today, really, I don't.  I just put on a light sweater.  It's barely into the double-digits in September and I'm thinking of digging out my toe warmers???  Really????  Yeah.

Durwood just called out that there was a hummingbird sitting on the crook of a shepherd's hook taking a shower in the drizzle.  I took a picture, it isn't very good but I'm putting it on here anyway.  (so there.)  I am enchanted by hummingbirds.  They're so tiny and so fierce.
We found out yesterday that upon further review the insurance company decided  to "total" Durwood's beloved van.  I've got a call in to the claims lady because I have a raft of questions about what happens next and how things go and if we pay to have the van fixed will they insure it, stuff like that.  Isn't this why we have insurance?  How come they get to say how they spend my money?  We've been paying them and paying them and when we need them they won't pay?  Aren't there laws against that kind of stuff?

September 12--John Jessup Hardwick, Flower Study.  The morning glory vines twined around the dead branches piled on the ground and climbed up into the apple tree.  It looked very odd to see the sky blue morning glory flower peering down from its perch among the green and ripening fruits.  People opened their mouths to exclaim over the unusual bloom in the apple tree but Emma pointed out the vines in the shade and a look of disappointment settled on the faces.  Emma thought that people were so starved for wonder in their lives that an errant morning glory gave them hope.

Today's Photo-A-Day theme is "fall" or "spring" if you live in the southern hemisphere (because the blog where I get the list is from Australia) so I wandered out to the apple tree in the parking lot behind us.  What says Fall better than apples?

Talk to you again tomorrow.

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