Monday, September 8, 2014

A Monday That Feels Almost Normal

I think I might be getting my legs back under me after being away for a couple weeks.  Durwood's still battling that pesky sinus infection, or maybe he's weathering the effects of the nuclear antibiotic the doc gave him last week, but this morning I feel almost normal and he says he's a bit better too. (whew!)  At my age and stage of life "almost normal" is a reason to celebrate.  We need to get Durwood's van to the fixit shop this morning so he'll be at my mercy this week (mwa-ha-ha!) even more than he usually is but we'll manage to survive the deprivation of only having one vehicle.  Although the Hertz person at the fixit shop said he could call for a rental at any time so he's always got that out of being stuck and wheel-less.

I filled the feeders and picked the tomatoes yesterday but I didn't mow the lawn or go get my nails done which I really should have done sometime this weekend but I seem to be affected by a lassitude or maybe it's a response to Durwood's lack of energy and need for me to do everything for him.  It's probably rebellion, I'm not much of a nurse, my bedside manner and patience with neediness is pretty darned thin.  Oh, and I folded the clean wash and washed all the dirty clothes so the only dirty clothes in the house are the ones I'm sitting in the middle of.  I feel so accomplished--but my dresser drawers and closet rod are stuffed to the gills.  Time to start getting things dirty again.

The clouds and the plants in the backyard looked just lovely this morning.  I don't remember what this pink flower is but I like it.  It's tall, about 3' tall--maybe I'll look it up later--and the coleus is just bursting with color.  Did I tell you that the hummingbird visits the coleus blooms?  How can there be any nectar in those tiny flowers?  But they visit them regularly so there must be something.

September 8--Osservaanza Master, All Saints in an Initial E or O.  Sister Joseph Therese knelt in the darkened chapel.  Her head was bent over her clasped hands and her veil swung forward to shield her from the chill of the stone walls.  Decades of beeswax candles and incense perfumed the air in the small space.  She liked praying there when all the other nuns were asleep, she felt like God heard her better.  The red flame that represented God's presence flickered in its holder above the altar and she imagined the air moved because angels fluttered past.  She smiled at her own fanciful thoughts when she meant to pray.  A scuff like a shoe on the stone floor came from the shadows behind the altar.  Sister looked up and squinted into the dark.  "Who's there?" she asked, glad to hear that her voice didn't waver.  Out of the blackness a dark form, all swirling fabric and clanking chains, came rushing toward her.  She caught her breath and began to rise but the fabric engulfed her.  She felt herself falling and everything went dark.

That's not good.  Nope, nope, not good at all.  Bye bye, Sister Joseph Therese.  Alrighty then, it's Monday, it's a work day.  I need to go shower and dress and breakfast and pack my lunch and drive to the fixit place, then bring Durwood home, then go to work, all before 10 o'clock.  I'd better get a move on.  Adios.

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Aunt B said...

We were not cut out to be a nurse. I have the same problem you do about tending a puny spouse. I love him and all that -- but hurry up and get well!!!