Saturday, September 20, 2014

An Exercise Day

I slept until almost 8:30 this morning.  Ahhh.  I couldn't believe my bleary eyes when they crept open and squinted at the glowing green numbers across the room.  8:25, yay!

I decided to do Wii Yoga this morning.  My knees were not fans after the fact.  Then after some breakfast I mowed the lawn because it looked like rain but it was too long to leave.  No rain fell on me but my knees weren't fans of mowing either.   (they don't like yoga, they don't like walking behind the mower, what DO they like? tell me that.  they don't like me sitting around so much either.)

I refilled the platform feeder after mowing and the bluejay grapevine must have been on high because as soon as I started putting the nuts and seeds in the feeder I heard the jays raucous cries from down the block.  As soon as I got inside they began their attack, and a Red-bellied Woodpecker came too but only for the blink of an eye.  We wondered what was in there that might interest them so we can be sure to put more of whatever it is in.  There's the double suet feeder always there and filled but maybe they like seeds too, or maybe that bird's trying to be part of the bluejay gang.  (these bird pics are from a couple years ago, I wasn't fast enough today)

After lunch I went downstairs and whipped up some cocoa butter & aloe lotion since I was at the point of whacking my current bottle on my hand to get enough to smooth on.  Tsk.  That's why I make my own, so I don't run out, and I had let my supply get that low.  My knees didn't like me clomping up and down the basement stairs either, by then I was thinking they could just get over their selves.

Oh!  When I went out to mow I closed up the house and turned on the air conditioner so Durwood could breathe while I mowed.  When I came in I didn't think it was cool but then I was all hot and sweaty from mowing.  Then when I came up from making lotion I realized that it REALLY wasn't cooling, in fact, it was 79 in here.  So I called the people that had installed the new air conditioner on July 5 and had been at the house last Monday to fix the fan that wouldn't turn off and insisted that he come back TODAY and get the *^&%$ thing fixed.  He did.  Seems they got a bad batch of chips a while back and when he was here on Monday he didn't have a good chip to replace the bad chip so he got one from another service guy but that one was a bad one too.  Today he wired it around the chip and will come back later with one of the not-bad chips and really fix it.  There was no charge--and there'd better be no charge for the (hopefully) final fix.  Grr.  At least it's cool in here now.

September 20--Attributed to Pottier and Stymus Manufacturing Co., Armchair and Side Chair.  Kate really didn't want to sit in the chair that the professor offered her.  She thought it looked like an old and incontinent cat had lived in it.  The silk fabric of the seat was shredded and the gilding was peeling off.

Once again I've managed to put this off until night.  Where did the morning go?  Oh yeah, I slept, then did yoga, then mowed the lawn.  Time for yogurt and a cookie.

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Aunt B said...

Hate those aching joints. But proud of you for keeping on keeping on!