Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sucking Out & Fonging In

That's what I've been doing with my computers and a handful of jump drives last night and all of today but I think I'm done.  I just downloaded free versions of Spybot and Malwarebytes to go along with the Webroot paid computer protection we have.  Next I have to figure out how to set something other than the Google page for my Firefox homepage and then I think I'll be set.  I'm actually typing this blog post on the new HP Kumquat II right now.  I got the laptop talking to the printer last night and spent this morning getting the laptop and the TomTom introduced and upgraded Robert (the GPS)'s maps while I was at it.  Oh, I want to find Disk Cleanup and Defrag too since I'm not bad at remembering to do those things at least once every couple weeks, so maybe it's not clear sailing yet but I think I can see it from here.

It's a gorgeous day out there, I should be outside.  If I was my kid I'd be chasing me out, telling me to go play, go get the stink blowed off, like Grandma Angermeier used to say.  I'll go out soon to fill the birdfeeders and pick the ripe tomatoes I know are in the garden, maybe I'll even mow the lawn later, you never can tell.

I also want to carry up the clean laundry (my drawer is empty of clean drawers, well, the ones I like to wear anyway) so that's probably a good evening activity, and I'm hoping to get someone to follow me to Broadway on Ashland to drop off Durwood's van so they can fix it next week.

In knitting news I've gotten a few more rows added to the Comfort Baby Afghan I'm knitting.  It isn't fascinating, just increasingly long rows of garter stitch, so it's an easy project to push aside in favor of something more interesting, but I'll eventually get it done so somebody's baby will be warm.

September 7--Nympemburg Porcelain Manufactory, Snuffbox.  Ryanne kept her special things in the box that Gran had given her last year when she turned eight. She kept the box in her top drawer under her underpants because she knew that Evan would rather cut off his hand than touch her underwear.  Evan was ten and he was allergic to anything that had to do with girls, especially if that girl was his sister.

Okay, kids, I feel a PB&J coming on and then I think I'll go feed the birdies.  Enjoy your day.  Go outside and play.

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Aunt B said...

All that computer stuff!!! It's like you're speaking a foreign language. I'm impressed! Wish I could figure out how to get stuff off my old hard drive that died. Even Paul is stumped (or claims to be!).