Monday, September 15, 2014

Back to the Drizzle

Well, we had a nice weekend, weather-wise, but now it's back to the drizzle.  Ugh.  It was nice and sunny and warm-ish for the Packer game yesterday afternoon (they won!) but I missed the fly over.  *snap*  Dang it.  I didn't think we'd be having any anymore because it's too expensive to send those fancy flying machines all over the map so I didn't go outside just before kick off, and I missed it.

But I did get the Chicken Garden Medley casserole made and frozen.  Five meals worth!  We'll have one of them tonight.  It was so nice to go down to the freezer for one, pop it out of the plastic container, and slide it right into a pyrex baking dish so it can thaw in the fridge and then I'll bake it when I get home.  Yum.  I think the spaghetti squash idea will work, I had just enough to make a thin "crust" layer on the bottom of each little Glad container, then I just spooned the filling out of the skillet (it's kind of like pot pie filling but with bigger chunks) and I actually managed to do it fairly evenly.  We have a little electronic scale for weighing food so I used that to divvy out the squash and then the meat, veg and sauce.  Worked like a charm.  Now let's hope it tastes as good as it looks.  Fingers crossed.

And if everything else gone wrong in our life isn't enough (Durwood's health, hitting a deer, totaling the van) the fan on the furnace/air conditioner decided to turn on yesterday and it won't turn off.  It won't even turn off when I tell the thermostat to turn it off, to turn everything off.  Grr.  Now I get to call those fixit guys to come and make it right and it better not cost anything because it was only installed on July 5 and that's almost yesterday.  *nods emphatically*

Today's Photo a Day theme is "remember" so you get to look at one of Dad's roses.  I never fail to remember him when I look at it.

September 15--Egypt, Thebes, Sphinx of Amenhotep III, possibly from a model of a temple.  The little blue lion king god peered out from the niche in the rock wall.  It looked like it had been left there by a tourist.  In fact Lucy was sure she had seen an exact copy in the bazaar the last time she was in Cairo.  The tour guide had tried to tell them that the tomb was exactly as it had been when it was discovered but she was certain that was a lie.  A white lie, to be sure, the kind of lie that made people's memories of their visit richer but a lie nevertheless.  She waited until the group had moved on and then eased the tiny sphinx out of its hiding place.  She turned it over expecting to see "Made in China" on the underside but all she saw was the remains of an alabaster tenon and a few scratches that might have been the carver's name.

And now it's time for breakfast and showering and work going to.  Again.  But it's Monday which means it's payday.  Yay!

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Aunt B said...

Why does it seem everything goes at once? Same here when our water heater had to be replaced right in the middle of Beach Week. This after the awning, a hunk of the dock and I can't remember what all! Grrrrr indeed!!!