Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Know What Makes Durwood Happy

A new Chevy Uplander!  I googled "used uplander" when I got to work yesterday and found three of them within 30 miles so I emailed the link to my car guy, he went to look at the closest one on his way back from the auto auction, struck a deal with that salesman, and carted it back to his lot up on the corner.  So after Durwood's nap today we bopped up there, took a test drive, and BOOM! he had a new van.  A new-to-him/used 2008 van all shiny and new looking with all kinds of doodads and geegaws.  A DVD player!  4-way adjustable power seats!  Remote auto-opening sliding doors!  And it's red, dark red it's true, but red so he gets to have it.  He's happy.  I think he absolutely hated not having a vehicle even though it's taken him until today to feel up to driving again but now that's he's on the road to recovery (fingers crossed) he's got wheels again.  It was a wrench to have to "total" the old Uplander.  He loved that thing, so even though he said he didn't "need something that big" I knew he couldn't resist if I found a used one for a good price and in good shape.  I hit a home run with this one, maybe even a bases-loaded home run.  (my great-grandpa was a baseball loving guy so I know a little about it)

It was pretty quiet at work yesterday so I got a bunch of rounds done on the next Vintage Hankie Washcloth.  I really like this pattern and am having fun making them in crazy colors.  Once school starts people somehow decide that diving season's over even though this time of year is when the water is the warmest.  Although with our non-summer the water never really warmed up like it has in the past, so I guess I can't blame people if they stay out of the water.  I guess, but it sure makes it quiet at the dive shop.

September 16--Vivienne Westwood, "On Liberty" Suit.  The thought behind it puzzled Becca.  What had the designer been thinking when she turned the peplum of  that red windowpane plaid suit into a bustle?  A bustle!  When every woman in the country already thought her butt was too big she makes a bustle to make it look bigger.  Not one American woman, not even the skin-and-bones ones, not even the slaves to fashion would wrap themselves in red plaid wool and then attach an entire extra posterior to their posterior, not even in the name of the great god Fashion.

Okay, it's full dark and I have spent the whole day chasing around to doctors and car lots and post offices and pharmacies and nail salons and I finally had time to blog.  Now it's almost time to go to bed and I bet I won't have a darned thing to blog about tomorrow morning.  I'll just have to make something up.  Don't think I won't, I write fiction too you know.


Aunt B said...

Definitely a grand slam homer on the wonderful Uplander!!! Nothing like a new (to you) car to perk up a man!!!

BFayBooks said...

I just have to say it again (I think I've said it before) - I love the paragraphs you write inspired by works of art. You engage me completely, and I want to read MORE. Where's the rest of the story? I WANT IT!