Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yep, She's Still Cute

That LC, she's a girl of many moods.  Yesterday when I got there she was squicking a little and gave me the best frown I've seen in a long time.  For a minute there she actually focused on me.  Just for a minute, but it was kind of a jolt to see her looking at me instead of just staring aimlessly and unfocused.  And tomorrow she'll be 2 weeks old already.  Where does the time go?

I stopped for a spool of white ribbon on my way home from work last night so I could finish the bow hat I made for her last weekend.  I suspect she'll need to grow a little for it to fit her but there's lots of winter left so I'm not worried.

Yesterday morning I noticed that when the squirrels dropped out of the apple tree into the snow a couple avalanche snowballs rolled down and I thought it looked pretty cool.  Well, it looks cold but I like the little rolling trails they made.  Kinda reminds me of those rocks that move all by themselves in Death Valley.

Last week I was looking for a particular size needle and couldn't find what I wanted.  I'm kind of prejudiced against the metal ones because they're pretty slick and can fall out of my work (I'm a loose knitter) so I ordered a few pairs from Knit Picks and they came.  They're the new Caspian color and I also splurged and got a "try-it" pack of circular needles with one set of US6 Caspian tips and one of US7 Nickel Plated tips, 2 lengths of cable, and some end caps  for $15.  Now that's a bargain.  I can try them, try the cable join, and see which tip I like.  I suspect that, as with straights and DPNs, I'll like the sharpest, pointiest ones which also happen to be the pretty colored ones.  See the pretty colors?  Green and blue like the ocean.

January 16--Italian, Medici, Ewer.  A thin stream of water poured out of the pitcher's spout.  Tino had turned the old ceramic jug into a fountain that made a soft splashing sound in the stone basin below it.  Mari's fingers trailed in the little pool tickling the heart-shaped leaves of the floating water weeds.  She liked the way the small goldfish nibbled at her fingers and worried that winter would be too cold for them.  She'd get Tino to scoop them out into a bowl when the chilly weather came.  Oh, no, she had pushed Tino over when they were hiking up the ridge last weekend and he was in the hospital, she'd have to get Mario to do it.

Alrighty then, time to go fling laundry around and clean the bathroom.  Maybe I'll even dust.  Or not.  Don't want to go crazy here.  Did I tell you that it's snowing?  It is, pretty flakes falling slowly and then skittering along when the wind picks up.  Goodie.

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Aunt B said...

Oh that precious bow hat!! Can't wait to see sweet little LC wearing it. And the rolling snowball picture -- perfect!!!