Friday, January 3, 2014

Well, Boil The Water

DS called at 4 AM to say that they're babying.  I know it'll probably be hours and hours and hours until there's more news but I'm too excited to go back to sleep so here I sit watching the sky lighten and yawning my head off.  I could probably doze off now but I have a 10 o'clock car appointment that I don't want to miss so I'm staying up.  I'll nap later.  Really.  Just think, by the end of today I should know if I'm a grandma or a grandpa... no, that's not right, I should know if the grandbaby's a girl or a boy.  I don't even know the names they've picked out, they wouldn't tell and didn't really ask for suggestions (not that I didn't offer a plethora of some suitable and some wildly inappropriate names unasked) but they were calling the baby Cletus (the fetus) so I'm hoping that's just the working title.  Please god, let it be a working title. 

I read in the paper this morning that it's supposed to be so cold by Monday that area schools are considering whether to close for a day or two.  !!!!  And that there are 3k Packer game tickets left unsold that they've got until 4 PM today to sell to avert a local broadcast blackout.  Durwood's worried.  There was a sidebar saying that there are hotel rooms available too so if you want to go to the game, come on over, there's room.  No way would you get me to pay to sit out in that open-air deep freeze to watch a football game, heck, I don't watch in here where it's cushy and warm and there's a convenient bathroom so mine probably shouldn't be the last word on the subject. 

I finished the first strawberry & black glove last night and started weaving in tails.  I need to close the small holes between the fingers and take off half an inch from the pinkie before I weave in that tail.  Actually all the fingers seem a bit long when I try it on but I'm only changing the pinkie; it's the worst offender.  Maybe I'll be a better judge of finger length on the next glove.

January 3--Japan, Edo Period, Dish with Design of Three Jars.  In her dream, Sheila ran through a maze, a red-walled maze that turned sharp, right angled corners.  The floor was white and her steps echoed off the slick red walls.  She didn't know what she ran from but she woke up out of breath and shaking with fear.  Within a few minutes she forgot the dream, rolled over, and fell asleep, fell right back into the dream.

Maybe some breakfast will help me stay awake.  Do Cheerios have magical powers?  We shall see since I left the strawberries I bought on my way to work yesterday in the work fridge I'll have to be happy with a banana.  Strawberries would be a treat this morning, I'll have to content myself with waiting until tomorrow, I'll swing by the dive shop after my car appointment to pick them up, and stop at the police station for a copy of my accident report to send to the insurance company.  Grrr.  I'm going to go Cheerio.  See ya.

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