Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Vanquished The Driveway Glacier

Me and about 20# of salt, that is.  And the sun came out about an hour ago so that sped up the rotting of the thickest ice at the base of the driveway.  The Pig had chicken parts on special so I ran off to get some for Durwood to freeze and, man, there is no way I'm parking on the street and then trying to walk from the car into the house.  I might have cleared the drive so it's safe but I think only Spring will clear our street.  It kind of looks like a 6-abreast luge track.  Shiny, slick, and scary.  I'll be laying in more ice-melt salt later this week--if anyone has any any left.

I was poking around in my fabrics yesterday and I have a lot of batik fabric already, not the colors that the teachers are using but I might have enough to make the blocks.  I have enough to be starting anyway, and I zoomed down to Joann's after I left the Pig to see if they had any more of those fat quarter bundles left.  They had one batik one, one of light grays solids, and one of dark grays solids that I bought plus a few 1/2 yards of other batiks I couldn't seem to leave behind.  I'm sure I heard one of the teachers say to avoid black and white but one of my batik bundles has black-based prints plus I decided that a person's eye needs a place to rest because the sample quilt is crazy busy.  (When did I ever follow the directions to the letter?  Hmm?)  I'm excited to learn about color theory and that's the basis of this year's free (FREE!!!) Block of the Month Class.  I wonder if I have a color wheel among my watercolor stuff.  I should go look.

January 12--Christian Kintzing, Clavichord.  The wires had all been cut.  Jake bent close over the musical box to see if he could identify how.

And that was all for last night.  Yesterday wasn't a great day, mood-wise, and I was just as glad to fall asleep for a reboot.  I'm much happier today.  Thank you, Mr. Sun.

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Aunt B said...

Sorry you had a blah day but you did a stellar job getting that driveway thawed!