Friday, January 10, 2014

Busy Friday

Here it is nearly 4 PM and I first have time to blog.  *gasp*  I slept until 7:15 (slug-a-bed), then goofed around some.  On my way to get Porter for a walk I stopped for an Rx, picked up a tank, and dropped off hats at the NICU, then the dog and I went to the boat launch for a walk, which was a bit of a trick since they don't shovel or plow the trail.  I think it's safe to say that Porter was ecstatic to be out walking in the snow.  She ran to the end of her leash and stayed there the whole time.  She ran and twirled and tied herself in her leash like roped calf.  She didn't seem to mind it when she tipped over in the snow.  There were evidently lots of good and interesting smells out there too.

When I took her home LC was just finishing her nap and doing a little squeaking.  Porter was very concerned.  She'd raise up on her hind legs to see into the crib, not using her fore legs like she does with grown ups, and then, whining all the time, she'd check either side of the crib to see if she could make things better or make me or DIL1 do something.  She's a good big sister already.

After lunch I gave Durwood a ride to his chiro appointment (it's a bad breathing day for some reason), then we cruised through Cabela's for the first time, stopped at Copp's for tomatoes, at the birdseed store for finch seed, and now we're home.

January 10--Christian Dior, Eventail Dress.  Jenny felt like she'd stepped out of a magazine in the silk dress.  It fit her like it was made for her, the bodice hugged her curves and the full skirt spread out from her waist in gentle pleats.  She wished she had somewhere to wear it, the hot, dusty attic wasn't the place it was meant for.  The trunk had been shoved behind the chimney with rotting cardboard boxes on top of it.  Her mom and the aunts had given her the job of clearing out Grandma's attic while they worked going through the rest of the house.

I don't have any oomph today, can't think of anything to write so I'm going to say good-bye for today.

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Aunt B said...

So nice to see that tiny little girl all "swaddled up" and happy. Porter looks pretty happy too out romping in the snow.