Monday, January 20, 2014

At Least I Bowled My Age

Actually I did a teensy bit better than that.  I met two of my knitting pals at the Lanes yesterday afternoon, we rented shoes, chose sort of fitting balls, and rolled a couple lines.  We were impressed to find out that we didn't have to keep score, there's a computer that does it for you, but that didn't help my bowling.  I am so out of practice (turns out Wii bowling isn't an adequate substitute--the Wii controller doesn't weigh 13#) and I started both games with a gutter ball.  Those weren't the only gutter balls I rolled either.  I got a 77 in the first game and a 99 in the second. (so close to breaking 100!)  But I didn't really mind sucking at it, it was an inexpensive ($5.28/person) and fun way to spend an hour or so.  I hope we do it again.

After bowling I toodled over to Daddy & Mama's house to drop off a couple packaged homemade suppers, some fruit peels and veggie ends for the chickens and to spend an hour holding the sleeping LC and visiting with the grownups.  Then it was time for her to eat so they unwrapped her from her swaddle and took her hat off and she woke up.  Daddy took a few snaps as she was stretching and flapping; I think this might be her best photo so far.  Such personality!  And it turns out Mama wants to go back to band practice on Wednesday evening so guess who gets to LC-sit.  Me, that's who.  (oh, goodiegoodiegoodie)  This time I'm going to stop after work and just stay there; it'd be silly to drive ALL the way across town (about 4.5 miles) and then ALL the way back in less than an hour, plus DIL1 is a chef so you know the supper she gives me will be prime chow.  I'm so glad that they aren't afraid to bundle her up and take her out; she's already been on an errand run, had her first dinner party, and day at church.  This girl is going places.  I remember Mom saying that I told DS that he'd better have come with wheels because we weren't staying home.  Yes, it's cold but life goes on and they bundle her up and zoom, off they go.

I worked on knitting glove fingers this week at work but couldn't seem to muster up a lot of enthusiasm for it so I've got 2 1/2 of them made.  Halfway!  Woohoo!  And my doublethick cloth is growing longer too.  I'm determined to at least finish the glove so: 1) I can wear them, it's cold outside, and 2) I can start another LC hat.  I've got the yarn and pattern all lined up.

When I poked my nose out this morning for the paper a few snowflakes were drifting through the pool of orange light from the street lamp; I thought they were pretty, and just now a bluejay stopped over for breakfast so I'm not the only one who's up and at 'em today.

January 20--Greek, Marble Head of Athena.  The tumbled statues lay on the ground like white bones.  For thousands of years they had stood in the temple on the hill in the middle of the olive grove through wars, storms, and earthquakes but the last quake was one too many.  The people in the town were thrown from their beds in the early dawn and lay clutching the ground while a sound like an enormous mill stone grinding echoed across the valley.  When the sun was up the only visible damages were a few cracks in walls until someone climbed the hill to the temple and saw that all the ancient statues had fallen to break apart on the parched earth.  Generations of archaeologists had marveled at the fine detail and precise engineering that kept them upright and in place, but no more.

Allrighty then, time for me to clean myself up and take a run at today.  Maybe live humans will come to the dive shop.  Wouldn't that be amazing?  (Does it make any sense that my left shoulder is sore from yesterday's bowling?  Well, it is and that's what I'm blaming that ache on.  Time for Aleve.)  I just remembered that I have that giant vat of fresh fruit; I think I'll eat some right now.  Bye.

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Cheryl Brocher said...

Loved reading your blog! You are a woman of many talents! I admire that!! After not bowling for a long time, I don't think you did so bad! I'm afraid my bowling days are over. Guess I'll just have to knit!! Hope to see you Friday!!