Wednesday, January 22, 2014

But Not Too Cold To Snow

Just a little.  Just enough to be annoying.  I'll deal with it when I get home tonight because it's still drifting down and I'm going to try to shovel only once.  Besides my right hip already pains me (thank you, sciatic nerve) and after work I get to watch LC so her Mama can go to band practice (Daddy has to work... boo!) so I'll scrape away the snow when I come home later.  Maybe by then my hip will feel better.  Durwood's got one of his favorite TV dinners and Mama (aka DIL1) is making a little supper for me.  And I'll get to spend a couple hours cuddling Miss LC and talking to Porter.  Life is good.

It's really pretty out there, though.  I stuck my camera out the patio door, the motion light turned on, and look how pretty--and cold--it looks out there.

I didn't really do much blog-worthy yesterday, only errands, crossword puzzles, and quilt back construction--and I kind of bollixed that up.  I measured my quilt top and added the recommended inches to make the back, I even wrote it all down on my trusty notepad.  Then when I was measuring to cut off the yardage I transposed the numbers and have sewed way too much fabric together.  WAY too much.  So today I'll be trimming acres of fabric off, two yards' worth that would still be on the bolt if I had more than two brain cells to rub together.  I sewed together enough of the leftover chaos strips to make a column going down the back (I'll take a picture to show you when I lay it out at work today) and hope to get it all assembled, trimmed, and pinned together today.  Then I can watch the "Free Motion Quilting" free mini-class I signed up for on Craftsy and figure out how to sew the thing together.  I'm thinking maybe I can just fold excess from the back over the quilt sandwich and make self-binding that I can machine sew on this first quilt attempt.

I finished the thumb of Strawberry & Onyx Glove #2 last night so they got their picture taken before I turned in for the night.  They're warm and fuzzy and they MATCH.  How that happened I do not know.  Actually I do know, I had only one skein of onyx and three of the strawberry (I used about a quarter of the second skein) so they match.  Don't judge, I can't make everything mismatched, it'd be boring and too predictable.

January 22--Egypt, Mosaic Glass Inlay.  Galen hurled the vase against the stone wall and watched the shards rain down on the tile floor.  He had never been angrier.  No one dared disturb him when he started throwing things, it was better to let the rage run its course.  Today he learned that Myrna had left.  People, especially women, didn't leave him, he either sent them away or fired them, that she would leave on her own never occurred to him.  He wondered if one of his servants had helped her go, he would ask those tough questions when someone came in to clean up the broken glass.

Aren't you glad you're not married to Galen?  I sure am.  I am determined to get ready earlier today so I'm not zooming around like a crazed weasel from nine o'clock on to get ready for work and leaving with wet hair.  Later, dudes and dudettes.

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Aunt B said...

Better too much fabric than not enough. And I like your idea of folding the back over to self-bind. Great plan. And yes, the amazing, matching gloves!! But I never doubted you.