Friday, January 31, 2014

Fresh Snow

It was cloudy but warmish on my way to work and it started snowing around 11 AM, snowing to beat the band with accompanying wind, so windy that for a while there it was hard to see across the street.  By late afternoon, 4:00 or 5:00-ish, it was done and James, our renter, had just finished shoveling the 3 or 4 inches that accumulated on our driveway when I pulled up.  That was so nice!  I should probably bake them some cookies or something.

The snow kept the customers away.  It also kept me from having to vacuum up salt and outside crud before I closed up last night but it sure made the day long.  I didn't even have many phone calls, besides Durwood calling with his daily lame bird joke, that is.  Although yesterday's story was more of a "would you look at that!" instead of a joke.  He said that a few of the sparrows declined to take baths in the birdbath, instead they perched on the wide, flat arm of my Emma's (Adirondack) chair and took snow baths.  I wish I'd seen that.  I wish he'd have taken a picture or 10.

This morning I need to fire up the snowblower and clear the street in front of the duplex.  See, James gets home from work early but Katie doesn't get home until nearly 9 PM so he parks on the street, letting her park in the garage since he leaves before sunrise.  That means that if the plow comes while he's parked there it makes a wide swing out and around so it's not all clean and tidy like the rest of the street.  So I go out and clear it off, doesn't take long and that's why I have a snowblower, right?  Right.

But first I need to go to Aldi for a few groceries and some wings to bake for "the game" on Sunday.  I'm thinking that the wings will go fast.  I might not be a football fan but I definitely like the food.  I'm a big fan of appetizers.  Big fan.  We'll just have "football food" for supper on Sunday, I'm sure of it, so I'd better get some veggies so we have healthy food.  Healthy's good.  I'm sure I read that somewhere.

January 30--Herbert Levine, Sandal.  Gabe walked through the kitchen on his way out to the patio and stopped when he saw the red and yellow sandal in the middle of the floor.  Just one.  He sniffed but smelled no perfume.  He craned his neck to check if there was someone sacked out on the couch.  There wasn't.  He held his breath and listened, thinking that maybe the housekeeping service had come while he was shaving, but all he heard was the clatter of the wind in the palm trees and the low whoosh of the waves on the beach.  For some reason he was reluctant to pick the shoe up.  He stepped around it, poured a mug of coffee, and headed out to sit on the patio in the early morning cool.  Maybe Cinderella would stop by to claim her shoe.

Alrighty then, time to go Cheerio, then head out for wings and other tasty tidbits.  Then I'm meeting my friend AT for Mexican for lunch.  We've already agreed we're not sharing today, we want it all.  Yum.  Hasta la vista, muchachas.

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Aunt B said...

Our winter blast was so puny compared to yours. I shouldn't even have mentioned it..... but Wilmington nearly closed down!!! We are wimps down here. Snack dinner on Sunday???? Sounds good to me!!