Friday, January 17, 2014

Not One Grandbaby Picture Today

I thought I'd warn any rabid LC fans so they can skip today's post if they want to.  I won't see her until I go pick up Porter for a walk in a while so I don't have any new shots.  Sorry.

Well, I got the laundry done yesterday and sorted through the cookbooks, putting the third-string books on a basement shelf (don't worry, Durwood, I'm not throwing or giving them away) but no dusting or bathroom cleaning.  A chunk of the middle of the day was taken up with accompanying Durwood to an appointment to get hearing aids.  Now he gets to learn to deal with sounds (like rattling plastic) that had dimmed or disappeared for him and I get to learn to stop "yelling" at him.  I didn't think my voice had gotten that much louder but it evidently had because he asked me to quiet down.  Twice.  I noticed immediately that the kitchen TV was much quieter.  It'll take some adjusting for him but I think overall he'll like them.

I'm going to lunch with a knitting friend today and when we were agreeing where to meet yesterday I realized that I don't have any idea where the "ladies who lunch" around here do it.  There have to be more lady-like places with nice tables and girly food (not beer and burgers or fast food) but I only know a couple.  We agreed on Grapevine Cafe over on the east side but there have to be more of them.  Someone should make a list for us out-of-the-loop-ers.
And it's snowing again.  We got about an inch overnight and when I went out to top up the birdbath it was lightly snowing.  I know, it IS Wisconsin in January but I need the cloud cover to thin out a bit, this thick-steel-lid of clouds is wearing on me.  Even my "fake daylight" lamps only help so much.  I need sunlight!

January 17--Liberale da Verona, Scene from a Novella.  Everyone in the play had big hair.  It was like there was a sale on home perms with their skinny plastic curlers and toxic chemicals that burned your hair, eyes, and skin.  Every one of the actors, no matter their hair color, had a huge Afro, curly hair like rampant pubes that engulfed their heads.  I couldn't tell you what the play was about or even if it was any good.  I was too fixated on watching the giant hairs bob across the stage and flutter with every gesture.

Well, that was odd, wasn't it?  But it's what came so here it is.  I should get a move on if I want to pick up Porter in an hour so I'm not all dog-walk smelly and hat-hairy to meet for lunch.  23 skidoo!

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Aunt B said...

Well, we can live without a picture of the darling girl -- but only for so long!! I'm already in love with her -- even from way down here in the Tarheel State!