Sunday, January 5, 2014

Oh, HH, You Enabler You

There I was minding my own business cutting up a cantaloupe and my knitting friend, HH called

to say that JoAnn's had some jelly rolls (2-1/2" x 40" strips of quilting cotton rolled up) on their clearance shelves, also some bundles of batik fat quarters (18" x 22" pieces).  I had to go.  HAD to.  I told you before that I want to do that Jelly Roll Race project with DD when she's home at the end of February so, not being sure she could afford to buy the supplies, I thought I'd get some extras, just in case.  Because I'm such a good mom.  (And DD just reminded me that by baby son is now a DADDY!  HOLY Moses!)  So I went, and there they were, 2 matching jelly rolls in gorgeous batik greens, yellows, and browns (I had to buy 2 because you need 40 strips and there are 20 in a roll) and batik bundles of which I only (only *snort* good one, Barbara) bought 4.  There were some jelly rolls in solid colors--browns or rainbow or pastels (ugh)--and some solid color bundles--grays or black and gray--that I didn't even consider (for long), so I came home with money AND fabrics.  See?  Stash building at its
finest, clearance priced and with a $5 total purchase coupon.  Score!  (Thanks, HH, I forgive you for tempting me astray.)

Durwood and I went to see Baby LC again yesterday in the hospital, well, Durwood to meet her and me to see her again.  She's a real keeper.  I got to sit and rock her while her Mama and Daddy ate their lunch and Grandpa D regaled us with baby tales.  I'm so excited for that little new family to get its feet on the ground.

After leaving the hospital Durwood and I went to Woodman's for supplies to stave off starvation during the coming cold snap--along with most everyone else in the region.  The place was jammed but we managed to get what we needed and get out of there with our skins and sanity relatively intact.  We were in the checkout line when a familiar voice greeted us from behind.  It was Scotty N. an old dive pal, up and out after yet another back surgery.  He looked good and sounded pretty much the same.  The best thing I got at the grocery was a fresh pineapple and bag of mango chunks to go with the 2 quarts of strawberries and pint of blueberries I picked up last week to make this killer fruit salad for work lunches for the next 3 weeks.  I've got soup frozen in serving bowls in the work fridge so I might as well put in work fruit too.  But doesn't this look luscious?  I had to put a bit on my morning yogurt just to make sure it was okay; it is.

Once I hit "publish" here I'm going to go de-ornament the Christmas tree.  Doing that is the second to last chore on this weekend's "to-do" list.  I love crossing things off, don't you?  The living room will be dimmer once it's gone but it's time.  Epiphany or Twelfth Night is almost here.  Time to put the camels, cows, and kings back in the barn for another year.

January 5--Taddeo di Bartolo, Head of an Angel in Left Profile.  She had the face of an angel, pink cheeks and lips contrasting with porcelain skin, and her eyelashes were long and curled.  Her hair was the golden blond of the best grade of honey, it spread around her face like a halo.  The rest of her, sprawled as she was on the floor of the church, didn't look angelic, she just looked dead.  Father Thad and Kate had found her when they unlocked the church before Mass.  Kate thought her knees would never stop knocking and she sat down in a pew to put her head between her knees.  Father Thad turned deathly pale and groped in the pocket of his cassock for his cellphone.

Well, what else would you write when presented with a portrait of an angel as a writing prompt?  Time to see about denuding that tree in the living room.  Sayonara, chicklets.  Stay warm.


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Aunt B said...

She looks so sweet and peaceful snoozing away on Grandpa's lap. Yes, definitely a keeper!!!