Monday, January 13, 2014

We Had a Tiny Visitor

Tiny but noisy (and temporarily smelly) but oh so welcome.  Yes, baby LC came over because her parents wanted to take Porter to the dog park and then do a little shopping.  I got to have the baby all to myself for two whole hours, maybe a bit longer, and it was wonderful.  I let Durwood hold her for a minute but she was fussy and he was watching a football game so I snatched her back, um, I mean I gently lifted her back into my arms so he could focus on his program.  (yeah, that's what I did)  Daddy & Mama said they enjoyed their outing, even stopping for hot chocolate at Starbucks, and I hope this sets a weekly visit precedent until the time Mama has to go back to work and I'm on LC-duty on Tuesdays.  *hint, hint* (just want them to know I'm available)  (ooh, I have to be sure to leave Mrs. Boss a note that I'll be babysitting on Tuesdays after St. Paddy's Day)  LC had the hiccups for a while and she squeaked when she hicced; I thought it was so cute but she didn't like it.  I put up the pack & play but she was happier snoozing in Grandma's arms.  I didn't mind one bit.

After our tiny visitor left I dug out a US G crochet hook and a ball of yarn to whip up a cute baby hat from a book I borrowed from the Library.  It's adorable.  All it needs is a length of ribbon woven through those gaps and tied in a big bow.  It's a little big for her right now but she's growing like a weed so I'm sure it'll fit soon enough.  I need to finish glove #2 this week so I can cast on a sweater for her... or maybe another hat... or both.

January 13--Alfred Stevens, After the Ball.  The dance had gone into the wee hours and Lisette hadn't sat down all night except for a few minutes at the midnight supper.  It got hot in the ballroom.  She let James take her out on the terrace to get some fresh air.  It was cool out there under the stars but it felt wonderful after the stuffiness inside.  While James smoked they talked about other parties and other people, plays they had seen, and the next day's luncheon in town.

That's all she wrote.  I was too upset about what happened to Anna on Downton Abbey last night to focus on any made up story.  (sorry, I can't help it I'm a dork)  Bates will find out and settle that man's hash, also punch him until his eyeballs pop out, I just know it.  I'd better get a move on; it's a work day and that means I need to shower and dress and all that stuff.  Seeyabye.


Terri Sipes said...

Congratulations, Grandma Barbara!

And, yeah, I was also very upset about what happened to Anna on Downton last night . I could hardly sleep. Argh!

Enjoy baby LC!


Barefoot Maiden said...

Oh how fun :) Always a joy to hold them when they're that little.

BFayBooks said...

Don't watch Downton Abby! I've got too many other vices! One of them: being smitten with every cute baby that gets FB coverage from doting parents and grandparents! Your little L is darling and so well dressed and hatted!

Aunt B said...

She is just too sweet for words! How wonderful for all of you that you're right there for a couple of hours of just mommy and daddy time. And yes -- that AWFUL guy on Downton! You know she's going to end up pregnant.