Friday, May 3, 2013

We Saw An Eagle

Skully and Porter and I walked most of the Baird Creek Greenway Trail this morning and we saw a bald eagle--twice.  The first time it was flying away and Skully spotted it and the second time it was up in a tree and I spotted it.  Of course I left my camera in the car so Skully pulled out her phone and snapped a few pix for me.  I saw blue jays and lots of robins and a few wrens and some sparrows but the eagle is the icing on the cake.

It's back to being chilly, overcast and windy.  We wore long jeans, fleece jackets, knitted caps and gloves to walk this morning, and not just because it was 8:30 and not warmed up yet.  Honestly.  We had enthusiastic rain yesterday afternoon and evening and into the night but rain's way better than the snow they got 100 miles to the west of us.  I remember shoveling a snowstorm on May 2 but that was years ago and I don't want to repeat the experience.

I had one entire customer yesterday.  A paying one it's true, but only one makes for a long day.  I got a couple phone calls but most of them were those robo-calls from someone who wants to sell something.  I hang up on them.  I try to be nice to the young people who call and are obviously in a boiler room with fifty-jillion other people telemarketing their little butts off and so I tell them to call "Constance" who makes those decisions, that way Mrs. Boss knows they're selling something and doesn't waste her time.  Pretty clever, eh?  Few customers means a lot of knitting with the accompanying sore wrists & hands and burning, blurry eyes by quitting time.  I wish I could knit all day and all night but I just can't.  I like to be able to see clearly beyond my fingertips and to have my hands work for other things like eating and sewing, which I need to do this weekend, I've got some fixes to do for DIL1.

I didn't write last night.  Not only was I tired beyond all comprehension but the "art" photo of the day was singularly uninspiring.  See?  I just couldn't muster up even one thought about that except about the taste and lifestyle of the wearer.  Crazypants, in more ways than one.  You have a lovely day.  I hope the sun's shining where you are.  I can tolerate chilly if it's sunny but there's not a chance for sunny today, tomorrow maybe, but not today.

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Aunt B said...

Can't blame you for not being inspired by that picture. When I enlarged it, my only comment was "Oh!" Maybe that summed it up for you too. And speaking of rain -- it has rained down here every day this week! Crumby weather everywhere but at least it isn't snow.