Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day & Orioles!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, pseudo-mothers, aunties, stepmothers (evil and not), grandmas--in short, to all the permutations and varieties of Mother out there.  Hope your day's a good one filled with hugs and kisses and pampering.

DS stopped over to shop through our dive locker for some weights and hangers yesterday when he was finished with his student, and while we stood in the kitchen talking I glanced at the apple tree and there was an oriole.  I carefully grabbed Durwood's camera (it lives on the table) and took a couple snaps.  Then later on I saw another one or the same one again, only this time on the oriole feeder.  (That reminds me, I need to go to Toys R Us today for a metal slinky to attach to the pole of that feeder to deter marauding squirrels.)  I suspect that we won't see a hummingbird until the honeysuckle blooms and that'll be at least a week because the honeysuckle just barely has leaves right now.  (btw, it's Sunday, May 12 and the temp is barely 40 degrees.  can someone please toots up the thermostat a few degrees?)

I have to start thinking about packing for my week up at The Clearing at the tip of Door County and it's looking like I need to pack things for warm and not-warm, dry and wet, Winter, Spring and Summer because Mother Nature can not make up her mind what season it is.  There were frost warnings last night and again tonight.  It is May, people, the middle of May and I'm still wearing long jeans, long sleeved shirts, and sweaters, with a coat or jacket over it all.  I wore a knitted beanie and gloves with a windbreaker to walk along the river on Friday.  It's MAY.  I guess that the back seat of my car will hold an extra wardrobe once again.  I'll wear long jeans but take short ones.  I'll take long-sleeved shirts and layers to put on and take off, plus I'll pack a few short-sleeves tees.  I'll take my plastic raincoat, of course, and extra shoes so I'll have dry ones if it's wet.  That means I should pack a few extra pairs of warm, not stylish, socks.  A beanie, gloves, fingerless mitts all need to go.  Probably a fleece jacket plus the fleece pullover I like to wear to the nightly fires (it's long enough to sit upon).  Good thing I just knitted myself 2 gorgeous wool shrugs (the newest of which I have on because it's chilly in here) so that I'll look good and stay warm at the same time.  Anybody got a climatologist I can harangue?  I'm getting tired of this.  TI. ERD.

May 12--Claude Monet, Water Lilies.  Where are my damned glasses?  Freddie patted herself top to bottom, felt each pocket and the V of her shirt, anywhere she might have stashed or hung them.  She didn't find them.  The world was a colorful blur.  She couldn't read, couldn't sew, couldn't knit, couldn't even watch TV.  Thank god for audiobooks.  At least she could plug an earbud into her ear and listen to someone tell a story.  She sure couldn't drive without her glasses so she was stuck.  Maybe when Max got home he'd find her glasses.  No, Max was dead.  Max wasn't coming home.  Who would find her glasses?

Today I'll be whipping up a batch of chicken soup for work lunches next week and the week after The Clearing so I don't have to come home and think about cooking, then I'll be casting on a baby cardi for G&KZ's bean.  Knitting tiny things is so fun--and fast, and I'm all about the fun and the fast.  Have a great day all you Moms (and non-Moms) out there.

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