Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Got The Blueberries Moved

I zoomed off to Stein's for big plastic pots, peat, mini pine bark nuggets, and a little Perlite.  Then I came home to mix up a batch of soilless mix in the wheelbarrow (after spraying the 3 hornet's nests under construction in the shed--3!!), dig up the blueberry bushes one by one and repot them.  Then after the neighbor came over and tilled the garden (he only let me drive for a bit, refused when I offered him a six-pack [says they don't drink], and wouldn't take five bucks for gas--I'll figure something out) I dug big holes and sunk the berry bushes in their pots into the garden and then fenced them in to keep the bunnies from munching on them.  By then I was a little tired so I didn't rake out the tilled soil.  Maybe I'll do that later today, in between Durwood's doctor appointments.  According to the info I got in my how-to-grow-blueberries-in-containers class I was supposed to move them before the buds broke.  Well, I didn't make it since the spring's been so chilly and rainy, so I decided that I could sacrifice the few berries they'd make with little or no sun this year and move them into better dirt (or non-dirt) and a sunny spot so that they can grow like crazy, be happy, and make lots of berries next year.  One of them's already pretty big for the pot I bought but now I've got a year to find an even bigger pot for it for next spring.  I can do this.

May 28--Auguste Renoir, Eugene Murer.  He looks so sad, Louisa thought as she gazed up at him.  He sat with his cheek leaning on his hand looking at her lying on the cold floor.  He's sorry for what he did to me.  She could see it in his steady blue eyes.  He didn't mean to hurt me, didn't mean to punch me in the stomach and face until I staggered and spit blood.  She loved him.  He convinced her that she made him do those things to her, made him angry, made him make her behave.

Uck.  Uck.  Uck.  I had to stop.  I mean, that's what popped into my head but, no, I had to stop writing.  I'm going walking even though it looks like it's going to rain any minute.  I won't melt.  Hasta la vista, babies.



David said...

Bake cookies for LJ. No one can say no to homemade cookies!

Aunt B said...

I second David's suggestion of cookies for your neighbor. And you should have a few yourself as a reward for all that hard work!