Monday, May 6, 2013


The first tulips opened yesterday.  They're gorgeous, and they're DIL1's favorite flower.  I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for inexpensive tulips in pots for her to transplant in her yard.  Everywhere you look there are signs of Spring; the trees are budding, the forsythia's blooming, the chives are up, the lilies and poppies are leafing, there's rhubarb unfurling.  Yay!  I didn't manage to put the snowblower away and get out the lawnmower but I will... tomorrow probably.

I didn't do anything fun yesterday, I had a stubborn headache that wouldn't go away no matter what I threw at it.  I thought it was a sinus headache but a double dose of nasal spray didn't knock it out so I tried a full dose of Aleve but that didn't work either.  Sleeping all night did work.  Mostly.  I'll take it, I was miserable yesterday and no one wants to spend the day with a miserable Barbara.  It's not pretty.  But the sunset was, look.

May 6--Goya, Giant.  The clouds blew away and the cold, blue moonlight lit the face just under the surface of the marsh.  The water was stained a dark, clear brown by all the trees downed in years of storms so Fiona only saw the face of the huge man.  She held her breath and her fingers trembled as she fumbled her phone out of her pocket but her voice was steady.  "The giant's dead," she said into the phone.  "Yes, I'm sure.  He's floating in the marsh.  Come."  She closed her phone with a snap and heard the first blare of the siren as the squad left the station behind the town hall.  The wind kicked up and ruffled the surface of the marsh obscuring the face of the drowned man.  She kept silent watch until the lights loomed behind her and the sirens rent the serenity of the night.

Today's payday again.  I love payday, how it comes around every Monday and replenishes my stash, my deep stash, the grocery money, my mad money, and my wallet.  It's a lot for a little money to do but I'm better and better about making it stretch.  You enjoy your Monday too.

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Aunt B said...

Tulips, forsythia, chives -- oh my! Spring is bustin' out all over -- and about time I say!!!