Friday, May 3, 2013

I Am Incorrigible

I can not be trusted leaving yarn loose because I just go downstairs, grab some, and start knitting even though I have perfectly good projects OTN.  It's a compulsion; I have an idea and it nags at me until I succumb.  Take this poor yarn.  It began as a wrap that looked great on the pattern and like dog doo on me.  Then instead of unraveling it I just picked out the end and started knitting a Rib Warmer from the corpse of the wrap, but before I was halfway through the first half I realized that I didn't have enough yarn and couldn't get enough yarn because the black wool/cashmere I carried with the thick/thin colorful wool is discontinued.  So I shoved it all into a bag and left it in timeout downstairs.  Then I knit the wonderfulness that is the Green Shrug.  It used about 2 lbs. of yarn and that's how much the wool & cashmere blob weighs, or near enough.  The idea has been rolling around in my head but I've been telling myself that I should finish at least one of the projects OTN before casting on another.  That worked until yesterday morning when I went downstairs before work, grabbed the yarn, pattern, and one set of interchangeable needles, took it to work, cast on, and started knitting the Reclaimed Shrug.  In the back of my mind I can finish it before I go to The Clearing in 15 more days, especially if I don't extend the body beyond the pattern directions as I did with the Green one.  We'll see if my hands hold out.

I did knit the last 10 rows of the leg of the Spring Boot Sock and segue into the heel flap and heel turn in lime green, then pick back up with the pastel-ly shades of the main yarn.  I think for the next sock I'm going to use a different yarn for each sock part.  That should keep me interested and monogamous, right?  Maybe.

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